Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Amusing, on some level.

So I was merging onto the freeway today, and as I started to do so I realized I had a car in my blind spot. They slowed to let me in and I did the friendly "thank you" wave... and got no response. Very shortly thereafter we were at a dead stop. And very shortly thereafter that she turned on her headlights. Er, turned them off? Hazards, maybe? It's strange that they're not blinking at the same time... Huh, must be a breakdown, she's getting out of her car. And now other cars are driving around her (and the car behind her?) in the merge lane...

Yes, it's at this point that I realize (I was tired) that the unmarked police car that let me in (and I waved to) got rear-ended. (Amusement: Not that I think she "deserved it", but that the person in back probably didn't realize it was a cop, either, until he wasn't fast enough on the brake... and how many cascading levels of "oh, crap" he went through in his mind)
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