Xyon (xyon) wrote,

This was a triumph...

It's still a good song, so still a better thing to say than "Still Alive".

Passed the 2 year anniversary mark. I think I should be excited... but I'm not. It's just like a birthday. [thing] was true yesterday. Now [thing] is still true. Okay, so there's a new thing that's true, but you could say the same for every day. ("Now I've been married for 731 days, 732 days, ...). So while you may be interpreting me not being excited as bad, I'm interpreting it as good. It means that I've decided that being married to servalan is just something that is part of me. There've been a few arguments, but no real major problems. She makes me feel good about who I am, and has helped me be a bit more social. Heck, she took my forever-old desire to learn to fly and booked me a lesson (after which I felt like trying to update my Astronaut Candidate application with NASA to say that I had not zero, but ONE hour of flight experience. That's like infinitely better!).

Oh, yes. Flying. I was nervous as heck during the entire hour. We went through the sequences of the takeoff process, and once I said I had it the instructor called for clearance to enter the runway and take off. I'd decided slow and steady was the way to go... but the tower disagreed. We were given permission to take off, but a warning that there was an inbound flight, so we couldn't dawdle. It all worked out, though... the instructor didn't have to take over for the two controls I was operating (throttle: open full, and yoke: don't move it... he had rudder/nose wheel).

I had a bit of a panic feeling between about 40 and 400 feet, but beyond that my fear of falling had gone away. Though I wasn't prepared for how much turbulence a Cessna C172/U would encounter. When Janine and I are flying she usually gets a worried look at any turbulence, and I'm usually rather calm through it... so it says something if I'm worried about the turbulence (though maybe I thought it was my fault, and not, you know... turbulence).

ATC warned us that there was another small craft at our altitude flying down the I-405 corridor... which I completely failed to see (the instructor asked me twice if I could see it, and after the second no he told the tower he had visual on it... I saw it much, much later).

So we flew over Mercer Island, looped over my building at work (since my lesson was during the work day), flew the 520 line, over my house, out to Vashon Island, "crossed paths" with a passenger jet as we transitioned KSEA, and then looped around for a landing at KBFI.

The instructor radioed in for permission to land. We were told that we had to wait behind a [IIRC, 737; but apparently I waited just too long to find out what big planes would have been landing at KBFI between 4:15pm and 4:50pm on 2012-May-16... if anyone feels like looking it up and telling me what it was I'd appreciate it - flightaware clearly has the data, I just can't figure out how to find it now that it's more than 2 weeks ago) for 16R, but he countered that he'd prefer 16L since our destination was Wings Aloft (and landing at 16R would require crossing 16L to get to our destination). So we were given amended landing clearance: to land at 16L, but not to cross into the lane of 16R because of the inbound biggie.

The instructor was doing the landing... but it was still a bit of a shock when out of the right window I saw a jet overtake us and land while we were on landing approach.

It took me a few days to decide if I'd liked it or not. But once all the nervous had faded off I decided that I wanted to be flying again... so now I just need 10 grand to get my license.
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