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3.5 Weeks: Part 1: San Diego


I've decided to do this in parts, mainly so that I can write a chunk and post it before Bad Things Happen. I'm almost done with the uploading of pictures, but since things are already fading I decided I should get on it before it's all gone.

San Diego - 20 May 2010 through 26 May 2010

Okay, so I already described 20-23 May, but since this range would be the only photos that I uploaded to Flickr that wouldn't be mentioned, I'll go ahead and talk about them. The view from the vacation rental that servalan's parents were staying in was pretty awesome. It had a nice harbor view, a nice downtown view, and even a Balboa Park view. What was amazing, though, was to watch planes fly into San Diego (I got a less zoomed-in view, too... go forward a few more pictures from there... Slideshow mode is good).

We also had a beautiful view from our room at Paradise Point, and the building was not too bad, either.

What's the best thing to do the day after getting married? Well, we went to the San Diego Air and Space Museum to see Gumdrop and the "The Science of Aliens" exhibit. Don't pay for the aliens exhibit... it wasn't worth the extra cost. Sure, some of the stuff was interesting, but I far more enjoyed Gumdrop (and the rest of the Apollo stuff) and the airplane exhibits; especially since the aliens exhibit was mainly clips from Men in Black II and the War of the Worlds radio address (there was a small amount of "Earth life is so varied that extra-terrestrial intelligent life has no particular reason to be hominid", and a simulated other-world ecology display).

That night, for dinner, we asked for a recommendation for ocean-view dining at the concierge desk, and we were given a VIP referral to "World Famous". That meant our valet parking was free, and we got put at the top of the without-a-reservations seating list (though it was still a bit of a wait). The view was lovely, the food was not bad, and our waiter was terrible. The thing that I remember most, though, was a guy on the seawall who was doing calisthenics... before servalan convinced me it was calisthenics I had gone through "performance artist" (but no "please give me money" container) and "crazy guy" (but he wasn't barking at anyone or anything... just listening to headphones and doing his thing). Most of the people in, and around, the restaurant were staring, but he completely didn't care. I wish I was that self-confident.

We went to the CVS near where we had dinner to get some toiletry stuff, got back to the hotel and decided that we were going to have some of our tasty wedding cake for dessert... except since we had nothing with which to eat it, I went to a different (closer to the hotel) CVS to get paper plates and plasticware (which we sent home with her parents, along with the remainder of the cake, before leaving the country).

The next day, after getting some lunch, we went up to La Jolla, parked in free parking next to La Valencia (where we didn't have our reception) and wandered around for a bit. Starting with Scripps Park (where we, sadly, didn't have our wedding... though our wedding ended up awesome anyways), we encountered some twisty trees. I haven't identified the species yet, but I wonder if this plaque might have helped...

It was sunny, and the water was pretty, so we went down to the beach. I saw a sign (or two) that piqued my interest, so I went to look at the cave about which they were, presumably, speaking. After passing what we dubbed foot rock, there was a nice, stable rock bed that I walked through to pretty much nothing. Well, nothing that I could see... but there were people out there already, so I didn't go through to see what all the fuss was about. She was reading her book, and I was off taking random pictures... a lonely flower, the crashing 'surf', the pretty landscape, etc.

The tide was starting to come in, so we decided to abandon beach. But, first, I wanted to go see what was through that cave. I left behind the D-SLR since I was worried about dropping it. The cave floor had some water on it by this point, but there were plenty of rocks to walk across to get to the other side... which was gone. Right before I stepped onto the ledge that I didn't go past before, a medium-sized wave crashed against the rocks and splashed the wall at chest height right where I would have been had it come 3 seconds later. I very quickly started losing dry ground upon which to walk, so I decided to abandon cave. My serene walkway had become submerged.

Dinner on Tuesday was at the new location of the Bull and Bear restaurant, where we could have watched another sunset during dinner, if we hadn't finished and gone to get gelato nearby before sunset came.

One more trip back to CVS to get some last-minute stuff, a phone call to the airline that wouldn't let me check in online, and then we slept for 3 hours before waking up to go to the airport to fly to Dublin.

To be continued...
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