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T-4 days

servalan had her last day of work on Tuesday the 18th. This turned out to be very, very good. She spent all day Wednesday (admittedly, all day after she slept in) finishing packing her apartment and suitcases.

I left work at 4:15pm, and got to her place at around 5:15pm (lame! I didn't expect traffic at 4pm on a Wednesday). I helped her with packing a bit until the person buying her now unneeded TV stand showed up, and then we left to Green Lake Jewelry Works to pick up our wedding bands (which we were supposed to have done -before- the TV thing, but since there was traffic there wasn't time). It turned out to be fortunate that we came later, because her band fit too tightly, and they were able to thin it out a bit (though, sadly, probably not enough... after all the drama of getting the rings done on time we're likely to ask them to melt hers down and recast it into a ring with larger radial size and smaller lateral thickness... but it's her finger, her story). We finished everything for her 9pm (or was it 8? whatever) final walk-through, and then went off to Jai Thai (Fremont) for late dinner.

I hadn't expected us to be out quite so late (after all, we moved out most of her stuff the weekend prior, how long would it take to throw the rest of the stuff in the car? -- moving takes way longer than makes sense), so I hadn't packed anything. I was doing that while she was doing some last minute stuff (like loading her MP3 player with songs she needed to learn the vocals to before the end of our trip)... and we went to bed somewhere around 1am.

T-3 days

Woke up at 6am, angel_grrl picked us up at around 6:50am and got us to the airport early, so I started to calm down about time pressures. After we clear security servalan notices she doesn't have her phone. I called it, we didn't hear it, so then I called angel_grrl who graciously turned around to let servalan get the phone back out of the van. We double-checked with security that she was allowed to leave the secure zone and come back in, first (since they mark the boarding card when you enter). While she was eating breakfast I asked her for some piece of information that was on the boarding card, and she started freaking out when she couldn't find that... which was mostly a case of nerves already (since at worst she had dropped it in the food circle outside security, since we hadn't gone far... she folded it over when she shoved it into a book, instead of leaving it sticking out, whoops).

Pretty uneventful flight to San Diego, we landed and collected luggage and were outside with 35 minutes to get to the records office for our appointment to get our marriage license.

After a 5 minute wait we got on the Enterprise shuttle (they should totally kit their shuttles to look like OV-101) to get our rental car, and then realized that Enterprise wasn't an across-the-street company, they were a behind-the-airport company, and it took us 20 minutes to get there! Eep! According to the maps app on my phone, we only needed 7 minutes travel time to get there, so we're still okay... except it took another 10 minutes to get a car. servalan called while we were waiting on the car, said we were held up, and they told us that if we make it by 2:15 we'll still get priority (because we have an appointment), but after that we get stuck in "we'll see you when someone's late for their appointment". I think we arrived at 2:20, but there was very little drama once we figured out we could open the door and sign in (it had a keycard swipe with a red light on it, we assumed it was locked), we were with a clerk by 2:30/2:45 and then went to get lunch after putting the license in the big front pouch of my suitcase so that it wouldn't get bent.

As we were finishing up lunch, Chad landed at SAN, so we went back to the airport to pick him up. Straightforward ride over to the US Grant Hotel to drop him off, then up the road to the vacation rental servalan's parents were renting, where we were staying the first night. The rental/condo had a nice view over San Diego, including a great angle to see the scary way planes land at SAN (I have pictures that I'll post a bit later, but let's just say if you're in the right buildings you could see passengers faces from either side of the plane, since it flies in between not-quite-skyscrapers). In fact, we were stopped at the top of the hill on Laurel when a plane was coming on approach, and it was scary how close the landing gear was to the car (okay, so it's probably perfectly safe (since we didn't even feel jetwash), but those suckers are BIG).

After a bit of naptime, we went to meet one of the bridesmaids, who had flown in from Switzerland, for dinner. The view from Bali Hai Restaurant was awesome.

Back to the condo, sleep.

T-2 days

servalan got up at some insanely early time to go out to "spa day" with her girls. I got up at 11:30, and got picked up by krunk4ever and Chad to go to Tin Fish. After lunch we went to Men's Wearhouse to pick up the tuxes, and even though everyone was going ad-hoc we ran into my family. After everyone's tuxes were held for adjustments, we went back to the condo to get my suitcase (d'oh) and I checked into my room at the US Grant. I think it was the most spacious 4-star hotel room that I've stayed in (exempting the suite in The Platinum, Las Vegas (which was cheaper)), though some of the "identical" rooms (Chad's, Jay's) were smaller (Jay's significantly so). Just some general hanging-out with Chad and krunk4ever, then the 3 of us met up with Jay and Macie, and we went to go get dinner (I think we ate at Panda Inn in Horton Plaza?). Jay and Macie departed to go see a symphony show (so Jay actually got to use his rental tux twice, smart man), the rest of us wandered around Horton Plaza and ended up buying some candy at a by-the-pound place. I made a huge mistake and bought sugarfree... of the $10 I spent I ate maybe $1.80 (one non-sugarfree and one sugarfree, and nibbles on the rest to find out they were gross). Then we ended up hanging out in krunk4ever's room watching Men in Black on TV.

The first interruption I got during the movie was when servalan's dad brought forgotten items (like, say, her toothbrush) to the hotel for me to hold for servalan. The second was when she herself showed up, to receive said items, all decked out in bachelorette paraphernalia which she cleverly hid in my room. She had shown up right at the end of the movie, and since it was late-ish it was assumed we were done hanging out for the night.

krunk4ever had decided to go chill in the lobby, to use the lobby-only-free-wifi, and I accepted the invitation to go down and hang out until late, and then bed.

T-1 days

The three of us met up again for breakfast at Panera, hung out in my room (where Chad had fun with the bachelorette stuff), got lunch at Steak Escape, then met up with everyone else to go to rehearsal.

mge was, unfortunately, staying in a different hotel, and was meeting us on-site for the rehearsal. It turns out that San Diego has a Museum of Art in Balboa Park (where everyone else was), and a Museum of Contemporary Art (where he went). He finally met up with us 30 minutes after scheduled start. But it was quick and easy, then off to rehearsal dinner (where mge was late, since he went to go pick up taylorvr, who he had left at the hotel). The food was okay, but it's entirely possible that I didn't taste it due to nerves. The margaritas (of which I had two) were good, though. And people seemed quite amused when I licked all the salt off of servalan's glass, since she doesn't like salt.

My "bachelor party" started off at Dave and Buster's featuring the groomsmen, officiant-and-spouse, my dad and brother, and all of my non-family guests. wrexen decided that I needed girly drinks, and started me off with an Amaretto Sour (I was indecisive). Then a rum and coke, a crown and coke, and then krunk4ever wanted to buy me something, and I decided to get into the spirit of things "something girly with an umbrella". Turns out D&B doesn't do umbrellas, so I had a disgusting Mai Tai with no umbrella. kyledgoss (aka "the best man") showed up, eventually (he had a late flight in), and there was some drunk DDR (where I, apparently, achieved the higher score with the most alcohol in, so I won on multiple fronts (best score, score / alcohol, and most alcohol)). Everyone but wrexen was giving me their game tickets (to be fair, he won more than everyone else combined, so no complaints from me), and after I decided not to get anything with the tickets mge and taylorvr made me get servalan a stuffed polar bear (quite cute, actually), and taylorvr got something with the remainder (a service charge :P).

I summoned the groomsmen to my hotel room to give them their presents, and my dad and brother showed up with a 2-liter of Coke and a giant bottle of Jim Beam. There was general hanging-about, and somehow I ended up drinking 3 of my brother's probably-more-than-triples. My dad had done enough "you know there's still time to back out of this"es over the past few days that I was now actually worrying that there was something wrong with servalan (or our relationship, or whatever), but Chad and krunk4ever (who lasted the longest) calmed me back down.

So for "not going to drink a lot", I had somewhere near 15 drinks worth of alcohol the day before my wedding.

T-8 hours

Chad, krunk4ever, kyledgoss, and I went to Broken Yolk Cafe for breakfast... as did all of San Diego. After the 20 minutes they told us we'd have to wait, they told us 10 more, and I had to abort due to other duties. Even though I told them they should all stay and enjoy breakfast, they followed me to Panera (again), where it was now lunchtime.

After lunch, I went and checked out of the hotel. servalan's dad picked me up in a very Get Smart manner (sign: "Do you know the way to San Jose?" countersign: "No, but if you hum a few bars I can fake it.") so I could get checked in at the hotel where we were starting our honeymoon. I got back at 2 (guys-in-tuxes were being picked up at 4), and realized that I had forgotten the marriage license in the very safe pocket of my suitcase. The secrecy around the night-of hotel got broken when I had to have krunk4ever take me there to retrieve said important document.

On the way back to the hotel the MoH sent me a text saying that the photographers wanted to get some shots of the guys getting ready. This (while not a problem in and of itself) put me into crazy mode, because it created a new deadline that was earlier than the one I knew about, and none of the groomsmen were together. We finally got everyone together (and housekeeping finally finished in the prep-room), summoned for the photographer (who arrived later than we expected), and we got ready, and were downstairs at 4:02pm for our 4:00pm shuttle.

The 4pm shuttle driver, when he pulled up, called the MoH to say he was there to pick up the girls. This confused them, but they got on board anyways. At this point I lost my telephone to kyledgoss (servalan lost hers to the MoH the day before), and from then on my answer to any question was "Ask Kyle". We finally got our shuttle, and took pictures, and had some downtime where I got a bit of food and water in me (a packet of peanut butter crackers).

At about T-5 minutes the wedding planner's assistant commented that I finally had color back in my face, and then we had our lovely short ceremony, and a reception that was small enough that I actually enjoyed it. Somehow some speeches ended up on the schedule (even though I had tried to get them all cut), but they were all nice and short, so nothing too terrible for me. The cake was more awesome than we remembered from tasting (and there was plenty since we didn't shrink the cake after our guest count fell from targetted 60 to actual 30), and the dinner was also quite nice (with excellent service). We had planned on sneaking out, but it turns out that everyone kind of hit "I'm done" at the same time, and we "snuck out" with everyone.

Okay, I've been writing for almost 2 hours now, meaning servalan has finally woken up, I'll write about SD, Dublin and Belfast later.
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