Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Hey, look! An update!

Two or three lifetimes ago I wasn't updating because there was so little going on. Every day was like every day prior, which was locally awesome and globally dissatisfying. Then I started dating servalan, and had things to talk about, including proposing. Then there was the whole weird time of "get used to the terms 'fiancee' and 'fiance'" (using the Firefox preferred spellings), moving into "plan the wedding". Then there was the first wedding planner fiasco and the reception venue fiasco. And then moving.... which is sort of still in progress (oh, wait, not there yet). But, really, the problem these days is my life has been too eventful, and after living through it, and then decompressing with friends, I don't often feel like going back and writing about it... which is unfair to anyone who isn't krunk4ever, Chad, or servalan (the people who often hear about things).

So, let's see.

The house: Which is "our" house, the one we're renting. We painted the master bedroom, put baseboards in it (and found out the room isn't square) ... there were several 'fail' stories about this, but they're in the past; painted the downstairs/media room; built a new mount for my projector screen; painted the bedroom that will be servalan's boudoir; painted the trim in the bedroom that will be the boudoir; picked out hardwood flooring for the livingroom (which is the library/my office) and got that installed (which was nearly a disaster); painted the trim in the library/office. And I've started hacking at the jungle of a back yard ... the blackberry bushes had decided they were in charge... though they're competing with the ivy, which might be winning.

Now that everything that needed to be done before "moving in" is finished (the flooring got installed last Friday) I can unpack everything that was in limbo (some office things, and lots of books). The weekend after this coming one we'll get to make the boxes feel loved again when we start putting servalan's stuff in them.

The wedding: As far as I know, everything here is good. Way to go servalan, and her wonderful selection in a wedding planner. It would be nice if we had more guests, though. Around 1/3 of my initial invitees declined, but it was a much higher proportion for her ... and even with re-invites we sort of quickly went from "sad we couldn't afford to invite everyone" to "sad that no one is coming". There was some drama around our liabilities with the US Grant hotel (she expected all of her guests to stay there... but then got massive declines, and we were under quota, so we paid the difference for people to move from the cheaper hotel; it saved us money).

The honeymoon: We probably need to finalize lodging. We know where we want to be and when, but only have the first of 3 weeks mapped out definitively.

The other house: This actually upsets me greatly. Having recently been looking at what's on the market as a potential buyer, I know that my house is in extremely good condition (and actually a little low for FMV) compared to other offerings. But there hasn't been a single offer in 3 months. And it's not like there's even been feedback of why people don't like it, so I don't have any action items coming out of it. And now that the home buyer incentives have expired (unless they just got extended again), I probably need to flatten the price and walk away with absolutely nothing. Protip: Don't get married during a recession, or if you do, make sure she digs your house.

Work: The previous drama ended, but then new micro-drama arrived in the form of my team split (or, well, is splitting). After much internal debate I decided to go with the offshoot, which means I get to keep all the things I like that I currently work on and dump all the things I don't like. Sounds like a slam-dunk decision, but it means a new lead and new coworkers... and I'm not always the best person when it comes to dealing with change.

Dancing: Have to learn how to dance for the first dance, right? The instructor says I'm quite good for never having done it before (I guess DDR does train you somewhat), which may explain why I went from "nervous that I'd be bad at it" to "bored" very quickly. An intermediate level group class approached "almost interesting", so maybe there's some hope (from servalan's perspective) for me in the future. Of course, she and the dance studio are having an argument right now over the word "unlimited" (they used it as no-numerical-limit, but there is a restriction... we weren't told about the restriction (beginner-level only) when we paid... at least, not that either of us remember).

Health: PT made me get some "motion control" shoes, and they've helped the ankle dramatically. We had started to address some pelvic alignment troubles which may have been induced by walking funny with the knee and ankle problems when dancing started. Dancing isn't exactly helping (well, it -might- be, because it's identifying places that hurt that didn't before, and they were probably going to hurt soon enough), but we're still making progress.

That's about it. I haven't really spent any time with anyone other than my dinner crowd and fiancee, but I expect to be more social after the honeymoon; since there won't be un/packing and wedding panic all the time.
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