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The biggest change has to be that I moved out of my house into the rental that servalan and I picked together. How'd that go? Well, poorly. Very poorly? Okay, nearly a catastrophe.

Packing everything in the house:
Estimate: 14 hours
Actual: Oh, who knows. The first couple boxes (books, mainly) I did in advance. The 14 hours came and went; 6 more hours the next day, then furniture hauling, then some more packing; then more short trips for about a week.

Hauling furniture:
Estimate: 3 hours with the help of tekman
Actual: 3 hours with the help of tekman (load and unload) and krunk4ever (unload).

Most everything is still in boxes in the new house, because we're still working on the master bedroom (can't put the bed in the bedroom until we're done painting; and with the bed in the library/office can't set stuff up in there; which keeps cascading until I'm lying on a couch that faces the wall updating LJ).

So after a week of balancing "empty out Bothell" and "work on Kirkland", the Bothell house has finally gone on market. When I finished it out on Monday night it was fairly saddening; however, the more-than-50%-shorter commute has done a pretty good job of making me feel good about it.

At work we had a new milestone open up, and one of the things that landed on me was this tiny spec that would fulfill the Mark Ardis rule if it didn't have 3/4 of a page of "header" to it. So, naturally, after I did 20 minutes of work and had everything working perfectly the previous assigned dev (one of the worst API designers I've ever worked with, and just got bumped to Principal SDE) threw a hissy fit about how I didn't do it the way he would have and that I needed to redo it ("Just because you're assigned to do the work doesn't mean you get to go behind my back and change the design" -- not that the design was anywhere but in his head, and his design wouldn't even have worked). So we end up with a compromise, because I don't feel like arguing. Doesn't work. Since he actually said in a partner meeting "I've spent more than 15 hours thinking about this, I'm done listening"; had to push it up a level. What came down was a compromise compromise. Got that working. Now a partner is trying to say they don't like it, and asking why [the stupid part] is there. Annoying, since I thought this was all done.

Wedding planning is getting better. Good job servalan.

Okay, probably had more stuff going on (like the trip we took this past weekend), but between the stress from the crap at work, moving, selling my house, and weddingy stuff I've been neglecting to write it down (relying more on verbal ranting and the like). As for the trip we took this past weekend, that's servalan's to talk about.
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