Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Would have used twitter, but...

Okay, so I don't really even like twitter, but that's where short stuff goes, no? Well, twitter.com is taking too long to respond (sez FireFox)

Whatever. Longer version :)

Last Saturday Amazon thought to email me to let me know that Bosch DLR165K Laser Distance Measuring Device was on sale for $64.99. I finally succumbed and bought it. In the hour I've had it tonight I've had at least 10 dollars worth of amusement, and since it serves practical purpose it should end up being worth it.

How much fun? Well, I just sent servalan this mail:
For some bizarre reason I know that my bedroom is 12.85’ x 12.50’, plus the doorway (1.9’ x 3’ (or, you know, 2.985’, but I’m generous)). Oh, and the bathroomy area (5.89’ x 9.08’), and closets (2.02’ x 7.98' + 2.11’ x 5.885’), and the half-bath (7.965’ x 2.83’).

Wow, much more satisfying than "New LASER tape-less tape measure is fun! Whee!"
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