Xyon (xyon) wrote,

It's been a while...

Lots of things have happened, actually; but I've been too busy to write about any of it. Let's see how much of the month I can remember.

The first thing that I remember I was going to write about was that I had to get new tires for my car. While doing that I found out how complicated it can get. Basically it all boiled down to Derek held my hand and walked me through everything while I tried to figure out why there are so many options; eventually ended up buying Continental ExtremeContact DWS from Discount Tire. They price-matched against Tire Rack (+ shipping), which pleased me; especially after the Tire Rack price increased :) I was amazed at how much of a differnce the new tires made; glad I got them before rain started again (rather than waiting until mid-November when my tires would have been in "replace me now or you'll probably die" mode.

servalan and I started looking at houses, to see if there's anything worth buying. Her back was already giving her trouble, and getting in and out of the car a lot made it really unhappy. Enough that she went back to the doctor, who ordered an MRI procedure, after which Janine was ordered to stay at home as immobile as possible for (a total of) 2 weeks. I had been staying with her so that someone was there to help when she woke up at 5am when the Vicodin had worn off and was in miserable pain; but when the order became 2 weeks I let myself be a wimp and accept the offer of her parents to come up and take my place so I could do novel things like sleep and go to work. She's back to the level of pain that she was before we started looking at houses, and we've even resumed the search without further incident; hopefully her return to work tomorrow is without incident.

My ankle started bothering me again again (first flared back up in Vegas (~2 May 2009), keeps going back to "doesn't hurt", and then back to "hurts"), so I finally called to make a PT appointment again. While chatting with my PT I found out she used to work where Janine is going now for her back. Weird :)

Got a filing cabinet for dealing with all the paper in my office; took about 3 hours to process all of the paper stuff, and it's mostly full, and mostly due to all of the EOB statements I have. Maybe I should just shred/recyce all of those...
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