Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Early in this process Janine decided that she was going to hire a wedding planner, and I found myself being skeptical. I just never really understood the services that they provide, et cetera. But, since Janine is the one doing the planning (since she's the one with, you know, opinions that she actually cares about) I'm taking the "whatever you want, dear" approach.

She came up with her pre-screened favourite and negotiated a meeting during the time that we'll be down in that area, and then it turned out that she was featured in a couple episodes of some show mostly about weddings.

After watching both episodes, and seeing her compared against 2 other planners (okay, one planner and one planning team of 2 planners, 2 consultants, and 6? assistants), I have to say that she seems like a nice asset, and certainly a leader in her field... at least when it comes to metrics that Janine and I care about.

Of course, we're still meeting with her when we go out of town to determine that she doesn't just have a good TV personality.

So we still have a few things to work out (ceremony location, date, reception location, times, actual guest lists, honeymoon, departure time, ... okay, pretty much everything), but we're getting closer, at having almost one thing done (aside from each of us doing what we think was a pretty good job at picking a future spouse... every time she seems to think I have a real opinion about wedding stuff I remind her that all I care about is who my bride is, but she seems to not believe me :P).

And this entry of no real informational value has nicely occupied the time that I needed to occupy, so now back to your regularly scheduled whatever.

Going out of town again tomorrow (Portland, again), seems like I do that a lot lately.
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