Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Update for the sake of updating

It's been a while, so I should say some words.

Let's see. My parents came out to meet servalan. They each seemed to get along with the other, yay. And Janine's parents also came out for a weekend and her parents met my parents, and presumably everyone got along with everyone else (measure of success: everyone was talking with everyone else). So, got that taken care of.

There's a lot of frustration during that week, mainly due to redoing my deck. It took 5 trips to Home Depot, one catch-and-release by Snohomish County Sheriff's department, borrowing angel_grrl's van (twice), 3 trips to Lowe's, buying colored stain when I wanted clear (the label said "CLEAR SOLUTION" much bigger than the name of the color, and I was in a rush), some drama with my car's 30,000 mile maintenance (which is why I was in a rush), and the cat getting out. All that while trying to ensure that my fiancee and my parents were spending time with each other and getting along, or at least making informed decisions to not get along. That's the condensed version :)

My parents left, then I got a few hours of just Janine-and-I time, then she left with her parents to go to California for a week. This happened to be the week of the Seattle heat wave; so while I'm blaming the heat on why I didn't sleep more than 5 hours per night that week it could also have been due to my schedule feeling out of whack from not spending time with her. Subjective time she was gone: 3 days. Actual time she was gone: 6 days. Turns out sleeping half as much as you should (average per night was probably close to 3.5 hours) makes time not pass correctly. Still haven't recovered, though... but got up to a whole 6 last night!

And right now Janine's getting lots of bonus points in my book (though I haven't explicitly told her this until right here) because she's Dealing with the wedding planning. It deserves a capital-D. She wanted me to give opinions on stuff that she had put down as candidates and looking at all the awful websites of locations and such made me terribly annoyed, and I had the slimmed down form. There's all the other stuff of planning going on, too, that I don't feel like enumerating... but I can say that if it were up to me there'd be very little "wedding", because planning it is way too much work.

Sign the paper, throw a party, take the money and go out of town. No planner, no photographer, no locations, no flowers, no caterer, no worries! So, yeah, gratz Janine :)
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