Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Lack of updating

There are two big, conflicting reasons for not updating.

1) Nothing to write about
2) Too tired to write about it

The past few weeks have definitely been (2). So here's a quick version before I go mow the back lawn before it gets too hot do to so (at which point I'll flee to tekman's for A/C and general holiday mirth and merriment).

Two weeks ago we set the record for most successive days apart since we started seriously dating - 4. It was planned for 6, but that was hard, so we forced some time into what was actually both of our busiest day of the week. (Looks like today'll tie that, sadness). The time apart was due to her usually busy schedule being interfered with by a 3.5 day trip to northern California; my logical assessment was that she should move normal weekend stuff to the week, and I'd use that same time to get ahead on work so a 4 day weekend wouldn't throw off my schedule. But, yeah, caved on Wednesday.

Last Friday we flew down to SJC for her 10 year high school reunion. While she was out with her mom getting her nails done, her dad took me to see a California Fry's. Turns out that Cali Fry's's have themes... Mayan Fry's was pretty, more so than Renton's uh... Steel and Concrete Fry's. Then, on a whim, decided to stop in at the NorCal Microsoft office, since my boss suggested I do so while I was down there (in case that ends up being someplace Janine drags me off to). After the security guard and I got confused at each other for a few minutes I gave up, then had an interesting mail on Monday asking why I was trying to enter a datacenter building. Oops.

Yeah, the reunion. There were no nametags, it was weird. So people only talked to the people whose names they could remember after 10 years. We stayed for a whole hour and then left to start seeing Janine's normal NorCal friends.

First friend was nice and calm. We got to the location of the second, found out that she was behind schedule, and dropped into waiting mode. Third friend arrives and turns the whole affair into mega-huge-stress for me, just personality conflicts. But at one point I whispered to Janine "I'd rather be working... for ADFS". Oh, then it turned out that was Pride weekend in San Francisco, so there was location drama as things got remapped at the last minute. Once we found a place (ummm, some pool hall on First?), and I got a double drink in me, things calmed down a bit. I even started having a good time.

Sunday: Got a late start on the plans for the day to see a few assorted Janine-friends. Had lunch with the person behind the Google Tetris/D-Day thing, who until recently worked on their product that my product competes with, amusement was to be had by both of us at our respective companies' "anybody but " attitudes. Next, Janine, her parents, and I went to see her grandfather. This part went perfectly well. Played Aggravation, which wasn't really anything like the one listed at Pagat. Then off to dinner with "first friend" (and her husband, who was traveling back to home when we had gone out the night before). Though there was a holdup on their end, so cue the first 30 minutes of "just us" time since we landed. Dinner was fine, then 'early' return.

Monday: Wedding location scouting, stress. Not going into detail. And, of course, the flight home. (At the airport is where I got the email from the datacenter manager, I'd been expecting it all day... well, an email, didn't know I was at a datacenter until I got the mail).

Tuesday: Met pat_trick, had a good fish sandwich. (Sorry Patrick, you don't get details because I'm getting tired of writing :P).

And there you have it, not as short as I intended, but, hey, I can cut the grass tomorrow. De-impacted the sprinkler heads in the front last night after cutting those yards, and turned the timer system back on. Got away without it last year, but this year it's trying to go dormant-brown again.
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