Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Woo, shiny present

servalan had decided that she needed some mark of possession upon my person similar to my (still temporary) ring on her finger. Since she hadn't ever seen me wear jewelery/accessories/whatever of any kind she brought it up a little while back, and I concluded that a watch was probably the best thing.

So we went out to get an idea of what I thought characteristics of good watches were, and I became completely enamoured with a Citizen Skyhawk because it had more gauges and arms than an airplane cockpit. Of course, precisely because of the reasons I liked it, there was a feeling of it not necessarily working were I to be dressed up, so I was sad (well, not sad sad, but "sad", in the sense of.... gah, if you don't know how I use that word it's not worth explaining).

Last night my darling Janine gave me my present. She incorporated everything I said about other watches and finally decided upon a present with a 115 page instruction manual (done 2-up in PDF, but page numbers are still visible). Amazon, being Amazon, has some pictures (and minor details).

Oh, I don't know from here (watch is downstairs, cat was trying to attack it) what the exact model numbers are, I just found the first thing that looked right on each site. Also, it turns out that the Skyhawk is somewhat intended for pilots. The slide rule that I've started learning to operate is mostly useful for airplane-y stuff... but I totally know how to do square roots now :). (And yes, if you got this far without clicking links, she got me a Skyhawk)
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