Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Obligatory update

Hmm. How to express things minimally.

Met my girlfriend's parents Saturday morning at around 10:30a. After spending the day with them we had a talk at around 7pm. My fiancée's parents are flying back home tomorrow.

Janine summarized it from her perspective.

Okay, so a number of people knew it was coming. There were two things that held it back: 1) I wanted to have the ring, 2) when I asked her if asking her parents was important to her she said that it might be important to them... so I had to do that, too. Number 1 is still 6-8 weeks away (gasp!), hopefully on the lesser side of that, it'd be nice if my parents could see it when they're out here. Number 2 was taken care of last night... then the 4 of us watched the pilot of Alias and I indicated that had I already/recently seen it I probably wouldn't have been able to ask :).

Let's see... what parts do I remember.

10:30a Picked up Janine's parents at airport.
11:04a Lunch at Red Mill Burgers. There wasn't a line for the first time, ever (they opened at 11:00a), so we wanted to see why there's always a line. Not line-worthy in my opinion, but good.
12:00p Presentation of wedding location scouting photographs.
1:00p? Begin "wander around in Fremont'
3:30p End wandering, begin idle in coffee shop
7:00p Leave for dinner at Rialto. (2nd time I've been there, both dishes I ordered I thought they were a bit heavy with the sauce. Oh well.)
7:05p? Janine's plan is to drive back to her apartment to park and walk back to the restaurant (2.5 whole blocks), I say that I'm going to get some bonding time in with her parents.
7:10p? Ask for, and receive, blessing (not permission) for marriage.
8:15p Head back to Janine's, visibly smug; when she asked I told her I passed a test.
8:25p Begin Alias pilot
10:40p See that my package from Amazon did, in fact, arrive.

6:15a Wake up. Go back to sleep
7:45a Wake up, try to fall back asleep, fail. Poke around in Fish Tycoon, continue reading Monday Mourning after deciding it's too early to cut the grass.
10:50a Wake up again after getting text asking if I'll be heading to Janine's soon.
11:40a Arrive at Janine's.
11:50a Finally decide that "short and sweet" is the way to propose; spend way too long in the execution phase, finally ask the question.
12:20p Lunch at Pita Pit.
1:00p Pick up Janine's parents from their hotel.
1:45p Find parking near the Argosy pier, wander around.
3:30p Begin Argosy Locks Cruise
6:05p Return, proving that the garage that closed at 6 would have been fail.
6:30p Dinner at Ray's Boathouse (it was okay; next door (Anthony's Homeport - Ballard) would probably have been better, but now I've been to Ray's)
9:00p Alias S01E02 (looks like pilot was S01E01, not special).
10:00p Say farewell to future in-laws (and fiancée); go home, read more Monday Mourning
11:30p Get text saying Janine updated LJ (and other things), decide to update LJ.

The ring:
After the preposal Janine started this 72ish hour cycle of "it's okay to make wedding plans" to "but I'm not -technically- engaged". One of my answers to that was a temporary ring until I got a real one. Once she made up her mind it was an emphatic 'no'. My mother (and one of my aunts) agreed with 'no', they said to get a birthstone ring instead (so that after the real ring arrives the temporary is "just another ring"). Wikipedia for birth stones says they're all weird and such, but then has a chart of the various different birth stone schemas. The Modern stone for March is an aquamarine, which isn't really a Janine-stone. Mystic, however, is jade, which is a Janine colour and stone. Google suggested Amazon, I placed the order on the 20th. The ring didn't ship until the 25th (eep!) but USPS delivered it on Saturday allowing my plan of [ask, propose] to work just fine.

So, yeah, we're engaged. Best advice I received was "when it's right you just know". And there's always "making the decision to marry will be the easiest decision you will ever have to make", to which I have to add "; deciding when and how will feel like the hardest". Of course I get another try once the ring's ready.
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