Xyon (xyon) wrote,

No longer new and shiny.

Being with Janine is no longer new and shiny for me. That's not to say that I'm less interested in her, just that I'm even less likely to remember to chronicle things, at least the mundane.

Saturday we went back up to the outlet mall, this time with mge and taylorvr. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I came home owning a new pair of shoes. Of, um, some variety which I'm sure servalan can describe. (My attempt: Black. No laces. One might go so far as to say "shoe-like".)

Yesterday I went rollerblading alone (she was in West Seattle with a friend, I wanted to go skating, so I went skating in West Seattle (at the beach) until she was done), and managed to get a tiny blister near where the original blister was on my left foot. Perhaps I should remember to find some arch support inserts to see if that helps (my theory is my arch is flexing too much and rubbing against the wall of the skate, since a podiatrist told me that my arches are a bit weak).

This weekend, Vegas. Next weekend we're introducing a coworker of mine to a friend of hers, let's see how good of a matchmaker she is. (I found a potential downside to being in a relationship with this matter... it was originally -her- idea. Somewhere along the way it became "our" responsibility. What? I have to do work now? Okay, so in this case I know where the "our" came from, but, in general... it's like you can be auto-volunteered. Scary. But EV is still high even with this potential downside that I'd never paid attention to before.)

Oh, look, time to go to work and see how much stuff is going to get load-balanced onto me this week. Sigh. I hate being punished for being good.

Edit: Fixed taylorvr's reference.
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