Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Up way too early.

Mind woke up after 5.5 hours of sleep, guess it thought the code I was working on last night was exciting. Quick LJ post then off to the gym and work ridiculously early.

Let's see...
* servalan finally made an update, if you care to get some of her perspective.
* Spent a lot of time with Janine.
* We went to Portland last weekend, this featured Powell's Books (which turned out to be worth the hype) and the Portland Japanese Gardens (which was pretty, but their map made me think they would be bigger).
* In Portland the hotel valet referred to me as Mr. [Janine's surname], which was weird since it's not my name; but the concept behind the assumption isn't all that bad, in principle.
* I've started reading Ringworld (which I got at Powell's).
* Janine tricked me into tuning and "playing" my cello two days in a row (first time I'd opened the case since I got Ziggy).
* We're either getting serious or delusional as we've started having discussions about where (think state-wise) to live in the future since the winter here makes her a sad panda.
* When discussing the previous bullet with my mother she kept insisting that it was too early to get married, which a) isn't in the short term plan, b) wasn't what I was trying to get out of the conversation, and c) wasn't helpful.

And WSDOT says I should leave now or be stuck in traffic yet again, so that'll have to do for you.
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