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More update-y goodness

The overall theme in my life continues to be servalan. And for the (at least) second week in a row I feel that days are short and weeks are long.

Last Sunday it was too cold/windy for skating, so we just sat in the sun outside a Starbucks for a while. Since I've acclimated to environs with negligible sunlight I got a mild burn (no pain, slightly reddened skin). We ate leftover Chinese in shifts... she hadn't read my previous LJ post and I had mentioned it, so while she was preparing hers I was tasked with being a Text-to-Speech processor (which I finished about the time she was done eating); also, microwave ovens are a bit serial outside of work kitchens and college dorms. Probably did some DVR clearing.

Monday was more general hanging out and DVR clearing. Same on Tuesday, except How I Met Your Mother, Season 2 has now been started.

Wednesday was the streak-breaker. My departures had been slipping later and later (couple minutes per night), affecting her sleeping patterns; and also she was getting behind on tasks like mending. Since we already had plans together for the 4 days after, Wednesday became a day off. If she ever gets around to updating her LJ she might say that she spent all of her peaceful rest day running around Northgate Mall looking for a cocktail dress to go out in for Thursday (her existing one(s) were in need of more repair than she could do in one evening). Then she sent me some links for more expensive clothing; it was on sale, so I now own a cashmere sweater (still in transit). April Fool's Day 2009 marks the first day in my adult life that I've let someone talk me into buying clothes I wouldn't have purchased otherwise.

Our first couples' date (with mge and taylorvr) was on Thursday, and our second (her friends) was on Friday.

Thursday was at Tropea, which was good, but somewhere I've been before and so unremarkable aside from the date itself.

Friday was at Marrakesh (Moroccan) followed by A Night of Two One Acts (Jekyll/Hyde with no spoken parts / The School of Whoredom). First-time-ethnic is always a little scary, but the food was good. Moroccan tends to be utensil-free dining, but if you order the Royale Feast (family-style) they give you forks for the shared consumption. The chicken dishes were awesome, extremely tender. I didn't really have enough of the lamb to comment, and the couscous was couscous-y (edible but entirely without excitement for me). We ran into a bit of time pressure, though, and I suggested (and achieved consensus) that Marrakesh should be the event, not the precursor, because they like to take things slowly (in a good way).

So, the play. We left the restaurant -at- curtain-up time, arrived at the playhouse at 7:40 (ten minutes late), ran into a slight debacle when they only accepted cash (enough was scrounged up), got to our seats, sat down, and then actual curtain-up happened. Jekyll/Hyde... I could have done without. In order to "speak" with other characters they had invented a sign-style language that 3/4 of us completely failed to understand (Janine's friend's date proposed what it could have meant and it seemed plausible), and Janine felt that in the replay portion (where you're seeing things from Jekyll's side) that there were inconsistencies with characters having died in the first time and not in the second. Really that play was twice as long as it should have been, because it just made everyone tired. This must have been a well-known issue, because the audience for act two was nearly double that of act one. The School of Whoredom was pretty much exactly as entertaining as one might expect from the title. The fact that every character (3 female 1.5 male (the .5 was a demon, but probably supposed to be a male one, and was played by the same actor as the male character)) was played by a male actor made it more amusing. You too can marvel in this, last showing is 4pm today (might want to show up around 5:30)

Saturday Janine, her friend from Friday, and I went up to the outlet mall in Tulalip. We were supposed to meet a fourth, but they arrived before we did, got shopped out, and left before we ever met up. Friend needed a suit, Janine needed to shop, and I "needed" a trench coat and to try things on. Had lunch at a Baja Fresh in Everett so that Janine could satisfy that craving (after the one we tried to go to two weeks ago had been closed). Friend found his suit at the first store we went to, but had them hold it so he could comparison shop. When we eventually went back there the woman said she had just finished putting it back on the racks, but it is the one he ended up buying. Janine got to enjoy having two males to comment on the things she was trying on, which seemed to make the women who didn't a little jealous. I tried on a few things (mostly at one store), and was generally saddened by them. Most of the shirts were in an hourglass cut, so if they fit my shoulders they didn't fit around my belly; and the pants were yet again in a cut that assumes that the wearer has no derriere. Well, I guess it's a good assumption, because I'd certainly never buy them since (essentially) they buttoned but wouldn't zip. Did end up buying one shirt, though; so Saturday was the -second- day that I let someone talk me into a clothing purchase, crazy.

Dinner was at Olive Garden in Lynnwood, so that she could satisfy -that- craving :). While we were waiting for a table she insisted that a (clearly two-person) bench was big enough for the three of us; and to prove a point she had both males sit, then she sat on my lap and threw her legs across his. While in this position she was telling Friend that the sales assistant at the store where Janine bought all of her stuff had been angling for his number during checkout. He didn't remember the store/person, and when I referred to her as "the cute blonde manning the queue for the dressing rooms" Janine tightened her hold on me. Aww, Jealous Janine, how cute!

There was also an "incident" at Calvin Klein where I hated the feel of a shirt she wanted me to try on (rolled sleeves were part of the design, and I hate the feel of rolled up/pushed up sleeves), and since I don't like prints, crazy colours/patterns, et cetera, she handed me another shirt and said "Here. Try this one. It's completely boring." (or something to that effect). That made me a little upset, but I just sat on it until we were alone again and we talked about it and decided that it was a major issue, and just wasn't who I was or necessarily saw myself ever being, and so we broke up that it was a minor issue, and that while it would delight her if I had the same fashion-sense she does that I wasn't allowed to feel bad at all after being "an awesome boyfriend all day" (that quote is accurate). Part of the awesomeness included me driving her car home from dinner, and then switching our two cars around in her driveway solo :)

Today's plan is rollerblading at Alki again followed by couples' dinner #3 (and Italian dinner #3) for the week, where I'll finally encounter her oft-spoken-of best friend, who hopefully will approve of me :).

There was also a bit of searching for flights for the upcoming nellen wedding, but since neither of us really want to have a layover from 2am to 5am PDT, odds are we won't make it. Though if anyone can find a direct flight to an airport within 3 Google Maps hours of IND that takes off after 7pm PDT it might be entertained. This temporarily delighted my mother, who thought she might get a chance to meet Janine, but then I told her that flights didn't appear to be working out, and she got a little sad.
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