Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Nothing major to report, so here's the mundane details

Monday: servalan and I met mge for dinner at the Keg. The mashed potatoes were a bit runny, but other than that it was fairly Keg-like. For the first time that I can recall The Kirkland Keg did the free shrimp cocktail for a first-time-Keg-visitor. Janine was afraid she'd be horribly early so she went to get her nails done at a place recommended to me by the first female on WAC that I saw whose office door was open. This appears to have resulted in success.

Tuesday: Janine declares herself to be sick again, and rescinds all plans. Since I'd already visited her while she was sick I had no problem breaking quarantine. Otherwise I already wrote about Tuesday.

Wednesday: I'd decided to replace my cheaply constructed floor lamps that I bought in 2002 and Janine wanted to get something girlie (like a face cream, maybe?), so we met at Northgate Mall. Afraid it would take forever to get there, I left at 4:15ish (since there wasn't anything I really could have done at work), so I got there at 4:45ish. She left work at 5, got there at 6. Whoops. Didn't find any lamps that I liked (when I was wandering through stores waiting on her I didn't even -see- the lamps... maybe my subconscious saw them, didn't like them, and kept wandering around in the store?), but she started the process of teaching my women's fashion genetic algorithm and got an idea of what my current list of "never in a million years" clothes is. After I depart she browses around and sends me some links to really expensive clothes, I scoff at the price. ($500 shoes and $150 sweaters? Seriously? I'm going to need to get a second, and maybe a third, job to keep up!)

Thursday: Went to mge's to watch Batman (1966). The last person on the invite list arrived at about the time the movie should have ended, and the consensus was to watch a dubbed kung-fu movie instead/first. I debated my desire to not break the streak with Janine vs a dubbed movie and registered an escape call. When that failed (I think she was in the shower) I made an excuse and left for her place anyways.

We hadn't had time on Wednesday to make it to Target. She needed some stuff, and I still needed lamps, so to Target we went. I left work at 4:45, got to her place at 5:30. She went the way she normally came home (what I'll call "the wrong way") and got there at 5:45-6:00. She said she'll try my way next time, so we'll see how that works out for her. At Target I found some lamps I like, yay. (They're touch-lamps, and mildly worrying since I found out that Ziggy's pads can activate them. He seems unimpressed with the idea of touching them, and hasn't turned one on yet.)

After Target we phoned in an order to Chef Liao's (where we had Chinese back at a time when I was attempting to keep track of what date we were on; in fact, it might have been what we decided by committee to be #2), because I wanted some hot and sour soup. She got mildly disturbed by the fact that we "already have a regular Chinese takeout place", the real truth is they're the only hot and sour soup I've ever had that I liked, and I was craving it. My evidence is that I had suggested that perhaps the winning strategy was just get two orders of soup and no entrees :).

Saturday: Set an alarm to wake up on time, slightly overslept (but not too much), went into the city to pick up Janine. Stopped off at a cafe so she could do something breakfasty/lunchy, then went to meet mge and sikeston (who hasn't posted since moving to Arizona, bad Stu) to see Watchmen. Movie was good, I like that the runtime was long (more value for the money), but I spent a lot of the movie wondering how they were going to wrap it up once my internal "movie should be entering climax now" state was time-triggered. Sushi for lunch, hence Janine wanting to go for cafe food before the movie.

After lunch I took her to (the) Pacific Place (Mall) to kill some time while we were in transition from her afternoon plans (me) to her evening plans (not me). Jewellery window shopping, shoe browsing, and more fashion training.

Then went to tekmanrj and angel_grrl's and learned to play Casino (card game). angel_grrl made yummy enchiladas, of which I got to partake. They had nothing bad to say about Janine from their introduction a week prior, or, at least, nothing bad enough that they'd actually say it :).

* While trying to self-rationalize what Janine's hangup is with the words "boyfriend" and "girlfriend", I realized that the same word is used from the time you enter exclusivity until the time you're engaged. That's somewhat silly. I guess there's the stage "live-in-SO", but not all couples use that stage. Terminology is hard, and I couldn't find a list of sociology terms for it with a brief internet search.
* Janine admitted to being part of a couple this week.
* Work's been slow, because we're in a milestone lockdown. But even once the floodgates open again I won't have much to do since I've been pretty good at fast-fix or convincing PM to full-punt. Though if we have another performance-focus week things might get crazy (our perf fixes have had a tendency to cause a 2 month regression tail where eventually all of the imperformant code is put back, because it was there to make one of the browsers do the thing the other two were already doing).
* Today will be the 12th day in a row Janine and I have spent together. This is actually somewhat of an accomplishment given that 1) we have very different sleep schedules, 2) we have almost no accidental encounter chances, 3) we live 12 miles apart. This would be "the streak" referred to on the Thursday section. It will eventually break, either due to happenstance or one of us starts to go insane; but for right now it's a mildly entertaining game in and of itself.
* I can apparently talk a lot about "nothing major".
* After I had soaked my feet to try to reduce the blisters from skating the right one shrunk a lot and the left one hung out. Today I noticed that the left one's gone and the right one doesn't hurt, but is back to nearly the original size. Silly blisters.
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