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So my plan of just posting "What servalan said" seems to have been foiled by her having gone to bed without posting. Maybe she had the same plan as me and will now win this game. Hmm.

Went out with Janine and her first round of friends for me to meet. After convincing her friends that I'm a worthy suitor (and finding out that Shazam can't identify songs in a noisy bar) I -actually- went to Kohl's (having decided I was short on time in the morning), completely failed to find pants, went home with the intention of cleaning the house but instead went to bed early due to having a headache. Her version of "after" was more entertaining.

I actually set an alarm Saturday morning... we'd had plans all week (even from before the Ides email) to just hang out all day Saturday, and I hadn't finished picking up the place. After becoming mostly satisfied with the state of things (lived-in but not disgusting) I decided that I was going to vacuum the media room (why not?). What I neglected to remember (and, it seems, notice) is that the previous time I had vacuumed I'd removed the bag and didn't have any remaining spares. Since the bag-bag was unzipped it blew dirt, cat-hair, and other particulate matters that were residing in the hose all over the floor. I completely freaked out at this point, but then got a text explaining she'd still be a little while. Circumstantially relieved, I made it to the vacuum store, bought bags (and a spare drive belt, just in case (and they're cheap, so doesn't hurt to have a spare)), got some food in me, and then got things cleaned up before she arrived. Phew.

She met the only person who really has date-veto power (the rest of you can give feedback, certainly, but you don't have veto power... sorry), and since his reaction was to crawl onto her lap and purr, I'd say Ziggy approved. Then we headed over to tekman and angel_grrl's place to meet everyone... except everyone quite spectacularly failed to show up. Bad everyone. Of course, since we already had plans and left soon anyways "meet everyone" would really have been "be introduced to everyone".

So, we retreated back to my place so that I could Suit-Up! (and her to "Dress-Up!"?), then over to Grazie, where I believe she agreed with the general consensus on the bread and sauce.

Next, off to the Kirkland Performance Center to see a performance by The Alley Cats. The show was completely awesome.

So, back at my place, we're sharing a Strongbow because "she doesn't want one" (or, at least, a whole one). At some point, between episodes of HIMYM, she gets up, asks if I want anything, and after I decline she comes downstairs with another bottle and informs me that I was wrong, and I had to take the first drink so it was mine, because "she doesn't want one" :) Is this woman awesome, or what? Incidentally, we finished HIMYM season 1.

Rollerblading at Alki Beach. Okay, so the sun didn't really come out, and it wasn't as warm as it was supposedly going to be, and we did get rained on a little bit... but it was still fun. I hadn't been 'blading in years (and it shows... I have blisters on my feet). We had two failures... for lunch we went to a Baja Fresh that recently closed, and after we were done skating up and down the beach we went to Queen Anne to (kill time and) go to a Jamba Juice. Since we were primarily killing time we walked around upper Queen Anne a bit, then I was in need of some eye drops (having apparently dropped my weekend stash out of my pocket at the bar on Friday) and we walked back to the car (since it was near a Safeway). At this point I ask the iPhone where the Jamba Juice is, it said we were right on top of it, and, sure enough, the closed building across the street was where Jamba Juice used to be. I'm no economist, but it seems to me that restaurants closing is bad for the economy (yeah, they closed because it was already bad, but if everything closes where will I spend my money? And if there's nowhere to spend money, what good is money?).

She tried to weasel her way of dinner ("I don't normally eat after 6:30" (yeah, weird, eh?), "I just want to go home, do some chores, and go to bed", ...), but since she couldn't justify enough calories to fulfill her current medical orders I was bound by my duty as a gentleman to see that she ate. As a result, I now know that there's a place called The Pita Pit and that it's tasty.
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