Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Admitting temporary defeat.

Part of the problem with the way I lost weight is I went from a 38" to a 32" (yeah, the 38 was incredibly loose by the time I got around to buying new pants), then 31" (shorts) and then finally 30".

So, after the program ended I went from 30" to 31", no problem. Stayed there until the knee injury... then 31" got a bit snug, but shorts weather was over, so 32" it was. Recently they've become a bit snug (as my weight suck up again) and now I'm admitting defeat and heading to Kohl's to buy more pants. My odds of getting back to those shorts by shorts time seem to be getting smaller. Sigh.

I -have- been getting to the gym a lot more than when I was doing physical therapy, but the 6 months have finally caught up with me, it seems.
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