Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Weekend Update

Okay, so it's not technically over yet, but the odds I do anything of significant value in the next few hours are low...

The Lady Nine
While things continue to progress, they haven't been perfect (which I'm sure my therapist will say is a good thing). In fact, if you guessed that she had something to do with my being upset on Friday, you'd be right.

So the real problem ended up being a difference in assumptions. See, my personal 'rule' is that once you've scheduled a second date with someone you're implicitly exclusive, unless stated otherwise. Due to the use of italics I'm sure that you can tell that her personal rule is the opposite. In fact, in a conversation on Saturday I was led to believe that my system is the less common one. So, being told I'm wrong in conjunction with me liking her means I've decided to stick it out. I'm not at all sure how well/long I can manage, but, who knows, maybe soon she'll decide I'm trustworthy/etc enough to spare me the challenge (I guess I could also get unlucky and spared the challenge by being dumped, or whatever the term is for our current state).

So, we discussed that "this morning" (technically, by the time we got where we were going it was past noon, but since we both had to set alarms to wake up early enough to make it, I'm sticking with "morning"), missed the puppet show, did a run of Target/her place/the theatre to arrive in time for the late (3pm) show. Got there early enough that we got to sit in the sun for 10 minutes or so. Then puppets (below), then cafe hot chocolate until it was time for her evening plans.

I guess I could point out that once again our conversation amused me greatly. I know that time travel came into play again, some discussion about research, and whether it will have been done by the time I make it to the Time Traveler Convention (we're going to have met there, per our previous conversation). Also, Long Beach, California vs Long Beach, New York vs Long Beach, Washington vs Long Beach, Mars (and the Mars internet sync problem) vs Long Beach, Luna (the moon).

Okay, I'll admit that I was entirely skeptical when I was invited to see The Adventures of Sinbad in puppet form. And even more so when it was to be shadow puppets. But, I figured "Well, it's something new, and time I get to spend with her; so why not?"... after all, worst case was that I didn't like the show.

So, anyways... The Northwest Puppet Center did The Adventures of Sinbad with translucent two-dimensional puppets back-lit onto a projection surface. I had a little bit of trouble with identifying the backdrop changes before puppets were added back in, presumably because of the continued eyesight problems. It was made entirely awesome by the one guy who did all the voices (except perhaps the solitary female voice, which may have been the puppeteer)... because he was doing voices while providing all of the music. Okay, it doesn't seem so awesome in print... but it was.

It was nice to have an excuse to dress up, though. And if you thought that I was going to say that Nine is what made the show awesome, I'm not that over-the-top (when I'm not in crazy mode). Of course, it helped.

Got cold, fast
So, a few weeks ago I bought the annual pass to the Space Needle, but since I thought that some of the side benefits might get used before the two weeks they say for delivery I marked it for manual pickup. After dropping her off at home I went over to Seattle Center to pick it up. Somewhere in the time that I was headed there the sun went away and grey clouds set in, and I got really cold while walking a few blocks from where I parked to the ticket office. On the way back it started to rain, so I ran back to the car (and thought about the last time I ran in the rain... in Alabama) and got to have the fun lung burn from running in cold weather. So, of course, the sun started to come back out again as I nearly got home.

Then I got to have an interesting conversation about my morals/rules and adjustments thereof with krunk4ever; and now we're caught up with now!
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