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Poor HIMYM, doesn't get enough love.

I'm reminded tonight of the end of freshman year when she-who-shall-not-be-named (whom I, ironically, named earlier tonight) and I were first starting off. Specifically, she was bizarrely quotad by her parents for internet time and Rose-Hulman campus network in the spring of 2001 was reliable only in that you couldn't use it between ~4pm and ~7pm, depending (kind of like any highway near Seattle).

Specifically, I'd have said or done something during a brief window of connectivity (or when I had gone back home to visit her) and then thanks to the reliability of our connections not hear back for several days; with each passing day having me more freaked out/paranoid/worrying. Then the fog would lift and my happiness level (which I might call the "top graph") would be restored and my crazy level (oh, I know, the "bottom graph") would chill back out. But none of this really mattered because she never knew about it. After all, the problem was that communication was impossible, not that it wasn't happening (e-mail was, for some reason, not a real possibility... perhaps hers was monitored or something? I forget, and I'm not going to go see if I wrote that down). In fact, probably only stardrop, my roommate, and maybe Jay (who wasn't my roommate yet at the time) ever saw the crazy (poor stardrop, you've seen most of my relationship-related crazy; I'm surprised you didn't kill me long ago... I even believe in the concept of justifiable homicide).

The difference between then and now? Then communication was impossible, so I couldn't do anything dumb (and thus learn to not do dumb things). Now communication was working fine, but the other party was unresponsive for illness/other reasonable reasons. So this time around she-who-hasn't-been-named-yet (herein referred to as "Nine" for reasons less obscure than my own numeric nickname, though -entirely- unrelated) has borne witness to the crazy, which has occasional spikes for other reasons, but once provoked grows exponentially as a function of time since last real communication (though I think that's only while in the pre-relationship phase, once you get to the point where you -assume- you have plans rather than desire and get explicit confirmation of plans I'm really much more sane. I promise.).

Anyways, the thing with Nine is she's witnessed something like 3 major crazy discharges in the past 3 weeks and continues to not run away screaming. So, not only does she like me, she's (at least for the time being) dealing with crazy xyon. That guy gets me in trouble. So, the verdict here is that Nine continues to be awesome, even though she's clearly defective. Maybe the Ten model would be better... nah.

Oh, yes, the title...

So, since she was feeling better (again), but not enough that she wanted to go out (again) she invited me over (provided I bring a "caloric offering" ("snackrifice", anyone?)) and somewhere in said invitation was a suggestion of HIMYM. Instead of doing the obvious (watching HIMYM) we instead talked (again). So, HIMYM, I'm sorry. There's a chance that we might partake of your awesomeness again this weekend, but you should not be sad if that turns out to not be the case. I just thought I'd let you know in case you get crazy like me.

And in related news a 5 hour chat that at various points involved the discussion of what tense(s) to use when discussing time-traveling to the past (and then applications thereof), amongst other things makes me go "Whee!". Yes, I really said "Whee!", but it was at 3am and only my cat heard me.
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