Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Some people just can't take care of themselves

(Yes, I went there. Did you find it funny? (If you have no idea what's going on here, don't worry, you aren't expected to.))

If you've found yourself asking "Good morrow sir xyon, how fares thy lady desire?" I have good news. I'm going to tell you. I mean, the news itself might not be good, but I'm telling you, and the fact that I'm telling you is good. I mean... er... moving on.

As the subject implieth, the current malady afflicting milady is partially self-induced. I have only cursory details, but it seems part of the problem is she stopped eating enough after getting sick. Or, perhaps, she is so distraught when I am not by her side that she just cannot go on living, and is slowly starving herself to death. Yeah, I barely got that written down without laughing, so feel free to laugh. It was, after all, a joke.

But, the fact that I spent all day with her on Friday and didn't get sick in conjunction with the doctor having no obvious things (Bubonic Plague, Leprosy, et cetera) to tell her means that hopefully soon she'll be feeling better. Both from the general feeling of wishing health upon people I know (well, at least people that I don't dislike) and from the more selfish feeling of maybe we can finally go out again. Not that last Thursday and Friday were bad, quite the opposite, but I had been quite looking forward to actually going out.

This post brought to you by my desire to communicate in some manner without directly contributing to her backlog of email; also the fact that several people have asked me for status updates :)

And I didn't use nearly enough olde english. I would say "maybe I should reread The Baroque Cycle", except... well, no. Maybe a condensed version.
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