Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Puzzlehunt weekend

Friday night:
* Go to bed at 2am. (Had some stuff to do after I got home at 12:30, like send someone the nightly email, and do laundry since I was out of clean clothes).
* Wake up at 8:30am. Or, at least, have the alarm go off.
* Leave at 9:30am
* Get there at 10:00am.
* 10:30am: Start working on the initial login puzzle.
* noonish: Puzzle Central asks us why we haven't logged in yet. Turns out the "password" was a registration thing, not a puzzle thing, and we didn't have one, and they didn't check for that.
* Do a couple puzzles that involve math. Sort of.
* Work on other things
* 10:00pm: Eat the first thing of substance for the day. It was Taco Bell.
* 3:00am: Finish round 1 meta-puzzle
* 3:30am: Get confirmation of mid-state on transition puzzle
* 5:00am: Ask for confirmation of mid-state again, they tell us that item 3 of 5 is "incorrect", when before they said "correct". Get mad, solve puzzle in ~5 minutes.
* 11:00am: Start really feeling tired, look at clock, think "I'm not normally tired at 11..." then realize (and say out loud) "Oh... that's 11 -AM-."
* 3:00pm: Start nodding off while working on puzzles
* 5:00pm: Puzzlehunt ends.
* 6:30pm: Eat leftover Chinese from Friday then talk to mom on phone.
* 7:00pmish?: Grab laptop, climb into bed with intention of playing Civilization 4 until I fall asleep.
* 7:00pmish and maybe 2 minutes later: Asleep
* 10:15pmish: Wake up, look at clock, see I have two text message replies from texts I sent in the 6:30-7:00 window, roll over, sleep.
* 8:30amish: Alarm goes off. Why 'ish?' I lost power Saturday night, but the clock looked right so I just made it stop blinking. It was off by +/- 20 minutes. I think it was minus?

You'll note there's no Sunday. When I was talking to my mom I was using "yesterday" to mean both "Friday" and "Saturday" depending on what I said when I said it. Certainly Puzzlehunt started yesterday... but certainly I had only gone to sleep once since I was last at work...

I think my internal chronometer should be reset by Wednesday. And I also think not sleeping was correct... we solved 3 or 4 puzzles during the window that everyone else was sleeping in after getting fed up with the transitory puzzle.

In the end, 13th. Still 26? places better than last year.
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