Xyon (xyon) wrote,

And the second date...

So I was going to post on Friday, but didn't.
Then I was asked about it on Saturday, and thought about posting, but didn't.
Last night I decided that I'd just do it today.
Now it's today!

So I slept in on Friday to make up for the lack of sleep Wednesday night.
As I'm leaving for work at 11am (yep, I'm a slacker) I get a text message indicating illness may be a possibility.

At 3 it becomes "feeling worse".

At 3:30 it becomes a definite cancel.

So instead of going on my date I did dinner with krunk4ever per norm and then Dollhouse S01E02 with tekman and angel_grrl.

I think the current plan is push it forward to this coming Friday; but I'm waiting for her to be to a point where she isn't excited about 20 consecutive minutes of not feeling sick to be sure.
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