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My left eye can see fairly well (not great, but well enough).
My right eye is crap.
The doctor said that I have better than 20/30 aggregate, so I'm allowed to drive (but knowing that actually makes me feel -worse- You shouldn't be allowed to drive if you see as poorly as I do right now); and that I have more inflammation in my right eye than I do my left. The problem is I'm right-eye dominant, so I see things sharp, but blurred. It's so annoying that on Friday I taped a post-it note over my right eye as an eye patch so I didn't have the blurry image superimposed on the medium-sharp one.

Installed Windows 7 Beta (x64) on it. Media Center crashed a lot, then I fixed it (see next section), then I filed lots of bugs against Media Center. And two against the bug filing tool.

DVD Changer Tool:
Media Center was crashing every time I opened the movies library. At some point I turned off the DVD changers (right now I have two, borrowing one of mge's spares to ensure my tool works with multiple changers) and it didn't crash. RAS + NTSD then VS showed that it was crashing on what appeared to be disc 120 in my changer. Turns out they also used 0-based indexing (even though the changer itself claims it uses 1-based indexing) and I found it was crashing on Resident Evil: Apocalypse. No, there's nothing special about the title, but my disc seemed to have an error on it (dir G:\VIDEO_TS shows some content, then "File Not Found"). Ejecting and re-inserting fixed the crash, but the directory error caused the disc id to be returned as 0. How'd I eject the disc? Funny you should ask. In the tool that you probably didn't even know I was working on (unless you're mge or tekman) I added a few new features:

* Mount a slot into a drive
* Return a disc to its slot
* Eject a disc
* Make the DVD changer lie about what the disc is to Media Center

The first two were because I thought that to eject (what I was trying to accomplish to solve the crash) I had to load the disc into the drive and then issue IOCTL_STORAGE_EJECT on the dvd device (which is a minor problem since the changer device (\\?\sbp\sony\...\lun2#...) and the dvd device (\\\?\sbp\sony\...\lun0#...) have no relationship that I (or, if you ask the internet, others) can figure out other than blind assertion that you replace lun2 with lun0, but that probably only works on a VGP-XL1B). Yeah, turns out that does nothing. What you need to do, it seems, is issue the move command from the slot to the IEport (which I now know means {Im,Ex}port (or import/export door)).

So then I found myself with slot 120, disc id 00000000|00000000. Looked up what Resident Evil: Apocalypse should be, and after many hours of dead ends finally got the id-writing code to work. It turns out that even though IOCTL_CHANGER_QUERY_VOLUME_TAGS is documented as using the ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER pattern, it actually uses the "give me enough writable data or I'll return ERROR_BAD_LENGTH and not set the out param and make you sad" pattern (at least, the inbox media changer driver on win7 does). So instead of the 0 -> minimal call sequence, I just give it the maximum data it could ever need (4 + 200 * 114 bytes)... RAM's cheap, right?

So I finally got it working, got Resident Evil: Apocalypse identified, and then went on to replace the dvd id of every "box set" disc in my changer with a non-boxed set equivalent from dvdxml.com. They're not always 100% correct (e.g. it says it's the pan and scan version when really I have the widescreen edition), but the synopsis and cover art are now more correct than before.

Resident Evil disclaimer:
Neither Resident Evil, nor Resident Evil: Apocalypse were really any good. Their only redeeming factor is Milla Jovovich; but that puts them basically on par with Ultraviolet (how does she keep ending up in such crap movies?). They're in the changer because I owned them (bought at Columbia House for less than it would have cost to see in theaters; would not have purchased had I seen them first) and they're not American Wedding or Shark Tale or Animatrix (all 3 got cut during the last round of eject-everything-from-the-changer). If I didn't still have 50 open slots in my changer (I don't put TV on DVD in the changer; Media Center's too awful at identifying it) they'd be back in their cases. And if you happen to like these movies and are offended by my dislike and minor bashing of them then, well, you get to be offended.

As usual, lots of words, little substance.
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