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Okay, yes. It normally snows in metro Seattle one day or so a year and it accumulates dust if at all and much whining ensues. It seems I didn't post about the last time this happened and it took tekman and I 7 hours to get from work back to our respective homes. 2005/2006 winter, I think.

So, Tuesday last week there was a severe winter weather warning calling for several inches of snow on Wednesday starting at about 4am. They kept updating it to be later and later, but all the schools canceled classes for Wednesday anyways. There was a bit of mocking going on about how it still hadn't started snowing yet that finally ended at 4pm or so when snow commenced.

angel_grrl had trouble getting home (as she described), and I went out on a rescue mission. While I had a large gap in front of me, the car in front of me (nor the one behind me) thought that to be useful; so when 2 in front of me stopped to turn left on an up-slope, I had to let off the gas and let my buffer shrink. I dropped below the amount of momentum I needed to crest the hill, and went into a left slide. Knowing I wasn't making it up in this orientation I tried to turn it into a U-turn, but the road wasn't wide enough and I slid too much before the tires caught as a rudder and jerked me around. The road has a shallow barrier on the edge of it that I jumped with both passenger tires, and couldn't get the car back off of it. In the end I left it parked on the frame (need to see if there's any resulting damage still) and hoofed it to chez tekman (who had departed when I started walking, it now being his turn to try to rescue angel_grrl).

So I stayed there Wednesday night. Thursday morning I walked home, grabbed some boards, and walked out to my car to get it free. No luck, called a tow truck ($190). When I was walking out to my car I was annoyed with all the people who passed me (then was somewhat ironically amused with the number of people who offered to help after I had called a tow truck, but since I was straddling the curb I thought I'd leave it to a professional... and it was hard for his equipment to fix it, at that). When I went to lunch there was a woman walking down the road that as soon as I passed alarms went off in my head "inconsistent!"; so I stopped and offered her a ride... turned out she was going 2 buildings down from where I wanted to get food.

Went back to watch more Battlestar Galactica; and when I left there was 4-6 inches of snow on my car, but I left anyways. Next day I tried to go to watch more and the car got stuck in the driveway. Eventually got it back into the garage and walked over. Two more nights of BSG, then walked home since some of the snow had melted... wanted to get my car back. Showered, ate some lunch, tried to get my car out, heard a scraping sound. Noticed the underpinning of my car (of which a piece had ripped off the last time I tried to get the car out, it probably got crushed on that curb) was scraping the ground, so I took it off. That only involved a socket wrench... and a keyhole saw (I hate the "christmas-tree plastic fasteners). Got stuck in the driveway again, rocked it back to the garage, ran over the path a few times to hard pack it down, and made it out to the street. Didn't have enough momentum to clear the hill (in reverse) and started to slide down it. Shifted back to a forward gear to try and power-arc through it... and it would have worked, if I hadn't ended up in a snow drift that was deeper than the bottom of the door of my car.

So my plan became be trapped at home, let people know that was my plan, and chilled out.

Then tekman called and asked if I could watch the kids while he went to the store (him having a shorter driveway and a road that isn't a dead end it was easier for him to get out); so I walked back over (forgetting, it seems, my laptop power adapter and my phone charge cable).

Two more days of BSG later and now it's Christmas. Have yet to figure out my plans.
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