Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Ho ho ho, er... happy turkey day.

Body and title are unrelated, but title and date are. Moving on.

Yesterday my mom and grandma and I went up to Vancouver just to have done so. The city believes in tall, which throws off one's (or at least my) proprioception (thank you tekman). It also believes in flashing green traffic lights. We eventually figured out what they meant, and had it confirmed at lunch by the waiter.

Another thing I found strange was the tone of traffic signs.
When coming up to a street that had a forced turn:
* US: No Left Turn (since I found the image here on a British Columbia government website I presume they exist somewhere in BC; but I didn't see any (or at least they didn't stand out))
* CA: Right Turn Permitted

Anyways, it was mildly disturbing. Everything being "Maximum" with some context was fine; since you really can't claim to be confused that you thought the speed limit was 15,000kg.

The borders were fine, we were at the US->CA station for about 30 seconds "How long will you be in the country?" (Just for the day) "Do you have anything that you need to check at the border?" (Nope (though I was thinking "I have no idea what one would need to check, so I hope not")); though that was after being behind a guy who took a bit longer than that (3 cars went in the other non-NEXUS lane while the car in front of me was passing papers back and forth, though he was from California). CA->US took a bit longer due to us getting a lecture on why you can't photograph border guards "... do you know what a drug dealer looks like?". But neither did trunk checks or mirror checks (though they may just have roadway cameras these days for that one). While going to CA there was a long line back to the US, and while returning to the US there was a long line going into CA; so I guess we just had our timing correct.

Some memorable moments:
* Upon entering Vancouver city proper my grandmother said "There sure do seem to be a lot of foreigners here." She neither meant classic Canadians nor ourselves, but the large number of East Asians (or those of East Asian descent) that we saw; but I thought she meant tourists like us, and my mom thought she was crazy.
* In the restaurant just north of the border on the way back I asked "so what exactly do the flashing green lights mean?" and the waiter replied "well, they mean 'go'". After asking what the difference between flashing green and solid green was I got a more complete answer :)

Oh, and don't forget to Think Metric! (Amusing note, my mom had her camera out trying to get a picture of this sign on the way back. This upset the border guard who proceeded to tell her that no pictures were allowed of border guard personnel (since she happened to have it pointing at him after giving up on seeing the sign))

Edit: I was reminded by my mom that we did see a no left turn sign; but it was a conditional (no left turn 3pm-6pm or such); but we didn't see any unconditional ones.
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