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This just really seemed amusing to me, so here goes. It's probably nowhere near as funny as I think it is.


Today specifically I had to sneak up on and ambush my 2-boss into a meeting. Myself and one other person have a "50% chance" of needing to do some work that will take a while; he and I did some projection, standard error calculation, holiday accounting and came up with we need to be starting in 2 Mondays if we have any hope for finishing. In the meeting where we were enumerating this there was a mention of a thing we forgot, pretty much putting the date at yesterday; but in all reality it probably fits in my "and just assume it'll take 50% longer than we really think" time.

But in general I've just been <NDA-protect />. A lot of the things I have to work on would be undone or made unnecessary by the aforementioned possible work, leaving me with low desire to do it. I mean, usually you're aware that the next time through your stuff might get radically altered, but you do it because it needs to be done... in this case, the next time through might be next month; and the next one doing it might be me... it probably makes more sense if you know what the meeting is about, or what's in the "NDA-protect"; but if you don't know I'm certainly not (allowed to) going to tell you.

There's also that other thing, vaguely related to work; but it turned out to be less interesting than I thought. Can't talk about it either.

There's a giving campaign poker tournament tomorrow, wonder how long I'll last.

Physical health

So my knee (if you don't know, short form: raining. parking lot. slope. knee+car=ouch) is doing a lot better. There's still some minor weakness that I don't notice because when that muscle group is supposed to be engaged I divert the pressure into the skeletal system... or something. My physical therapist used some words, and my understanding was that when I was doing the one-legged jump I was locking the knee before landing so that the shock wasn't sent into the muscles.

In a sick twist of fate, though, my right leg is now my "good" leg. With the knee mostly healed back up I went to a Journey concert (that I actually wrote about, go me), my legs fell asleep from sitting on the lawn too long in a weird position, stood up to recirculate, fell over and apparently twisted my left ankle somewhat badly. Bad enough that it didn't heal on its own, but not bad enough that I can't walk. When I saw the doctor today for knee follow-up she looked at the ankle. Her prescription was a good bone-cracking. Well, 4 good bone-crackings.

Been a while since I've been to a chiropractor, wonder if this one is going to be one of the full-on chiros that believe that if you saw a chiropractor regularly you'd never be sick and all of your allergies would be cured. And since my physical therapist (being a physical therapist) doesn't like chiropractors, I'm under doctor's orders to not mention it unless she specifically asks me about it. Can't we all just get along?

Oh, totally bizarre; while I was at the doctor her cell rang; was from some number in the 303 area code. As hers finished ringing mine started; checked it on the way out... 303. I wonder if there was some weird radio burst out near Redmond Ridge that our phones picked up as a call? Is that possible? If not, pretty strange.

Mental health

Yet another topic I can talk about. Getting less censored by the minute, and thus less funny. Oh well.

[wrote, then deleted 288 words, it just felt weird saying things even remotely publicly; you want to know, ask]


Okay. Here's the thing. I'm not not following the election because I don't care; I'm not following the election because I don't want either candidate to win, and I can't pick the lesser of two evils, because they're pretty much equivalently evil.

* I'm too low down to benefit from trickle-down economics, and too high up to benefit from Robin Hood economics.
* I came from pretty poor to just fine. If you have marketable skills you will get marketable benefits; I don't want my skill paying for a freeloader's medical insurance. Short term? Sure. Life-threatening/Emergency? Sure, I'm not mean. There are some fuzzy areas around "good insurance means that you'll see this guy, get an expensive prescription for a month, and be fine. bad insurance means you'll see that guy in a month or so, be on a cheaper medicine for a lot longer, need surgery in 2 years, and might never really get over it" that I haven't quite worked out, but for the most part I feel that you get back what you bring to the table... if your only skill is putting cooked meat onto bread at McDonald's... I can't actually say anything here without sounding mean.
* The abortion thing. Okay, here's my opinion on most things: If it's not hurting -you-, shut the hell up. You live in Maine, someone in Texas that isn't related to you or known to you within 3 degrees of friendship has an abortion. I don't care how much you think you're hearing baby Jesus cry, it didn't hurt you; nor oppress your right to express that you don't like it; nor oppress your right to believe in the baby Jesus. Tell your friends to not get it done, fine. Don't perform the procedure as a doctor, fine. But there shouldn't be a law saying you can't have it done. Same with drugs. Buying, selling, taking drugs should all be legal, and there should be reasonable documentation of how messed up you'll get from it (also, exempt you from any of that tax-paid healthcare I was discussing before in the case of, oh, tobacco), I'm fine with tax money going to give people more information; and I'm also quite content with the idea that if you get stoned/drunk/whatever and cause a car crash (or whatever) that we get to do fun things like let you rot in prison; or better yet... treadmill of correction. Your stupidity can now power homes, you're now a productive member of society!
* Death penalty: Blew up a bus? Guillotine. Premeditated murder? Guillotine. Maybe hangings, they draw a crowd, provide some entertainment and a public view of "don't do bad things or we'll return you to sender". Fell asleep at the wheel and caused a car accident? Power homes for a bit. Not really your fault, but what you did can't be undone; and it'll teach others to not drive tired.
* Foreign: If someone asks us to help them from some outside aggressor, sure. If there's some UN resolution to go remove a leader who is doing internal genocide, sure. But we shouldn't just show up wherever the heck we want. Or, at least, we shouldn't do things half-assed. Also, free trade, mostly open borders, transparent citizenship program.
* Minimum wage: Market Force. You'd think it was stupid if the government said that a stick of gum now cost $5, just because; it's just as stupid when they tell employers that they have to pay you $5 an hour when someone is willing to do that same work for $3 per hour. Learn a skill or move to Canada.
* Unions: Don't prevent them, don't encourage them. If a company is dumb enough to sign a contract saying it won't hire non-union employees that's its own fault; but don't give the union any powers other than the recognition of an entity for contract law. Once again, market forces.

Oh, and my big one. Taxes. No income taxes. Ever. Any circumstances. Sales tax, sure. "Luxury tax", sure. Usage tax, most assuredly (McCain wants to remove usage taxes from gas during the summer? Really?). "Sin tax", fine by me. Won't this make for less money in the government? Maybe. Pay politicans less, their skills aren't really all that marketable, but they're in charge of their own salaries. Also, fewer government programs. Sure, I like roads and bridges... use tax and sin tax. Army? They're handy to have. Giving money to other countries? Are you nuts?

Requirement #1 for any candidate I'll ever vote on: During your campaign don't ever refer to your opposition. Just say what you're about. If it's only good by comparison, it isn't good enough. I think by this rule I'll never bother registering to vote.

And now it's practically 2am; maybe now I can fall asleep; though I doubt it. Stupid return of the stupid insomnia; clearly not getting in enough gym time these days.
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