Xyon (xyon) wrote,

New phone number

So I bought an iPhone, and then ATT was lame and wouldn't port my phone number without charging me $non-zero per month more than I'm willing to pay, and I called customer service and tried to get it fixed, and they wouldn't fix it, and I got mad, and was about to return the phone when I realized that it's stupidly useful and I can't give it up.

So my new phone number is in a protected post.

(Best call from the new number yet... called my mom to let her know, and got her voicemail, she called in while her message was playing over, so I answer "Howdy", which I normally do when she calls, and she replies "Yes, you just called this number?", when I told her I was disappointed she didn't recognize my voice she knew who I was.)

Of course, on the plus side, I'll probably get fewer 5am wrong numbers due to my area code now being in the same time zone I live in.
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