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On a slightly depressing note, the most recent 20 entries in my livejournal span over a year. I remember times when I had the urge to write something often... but I'm not going to look back at it right now, because I probably know what it all was.

After work today I was a bit bored, and was poking around on LJ info things, and I ended up at my ex's LJ. Let's call that bad. Then I decided to skim through it, see what she's been up to. Let's call that stupid.

Nothing really to say, though.

Tomorrow's my last day of work in test; then a week and a half of null-vacation, a week in Minneapolis, then another week of null-vacation... and then off to development in Office. I should get a feeling of working on something that somewhat matters, which I've basically not gotten at all working on this team.

Speaking of that... my lead was going to send out "he's leaving" mail, then wasn't. He wanted me to write one and send it to him for "review". When he didn't approve it I decided that I don't care enough to send it. The people I talk to at work knew I was leaving 3 weeks ago, the people I don't mostly learned 2 weeks ago or last week... anyone who doesn't know by Friday will just find out when I don't come back from vacation, I guess.

But, anyways, I should go to bed.
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