Xyon (xyon) wrote,

File server

krunk4ever still hasn't gotten around to posting his recent file server story (or I missed it); and mine is unfortunately premature... which is the point.

So, this morning (which started exceptionally early for a Saturday), I was transferring some stuff onto my file server, and noticed it was getting a bit low on disk space; and having noticed that Fry's had Maxtor 500GB drives on sale this weekend, I decided to go to Fry's and boost my capacity.

So, with two shiny 500GB drives in hand (to bump me from 1TB (3x500 RAID-5) to 2TB (5x500 RAID-5)), I return home; update the system; reboot to make sure things were going to be happy... and the machine decided not to come back and answer pings. After hooking up a monitor I found that fsck had decided that it was time to scan the array... woohoo.

At this point I pop open the case, and see that I've maxed out the onboard SATA ports; and feel that I have encountered defeat... but then remember that I have a Syba 2 port SATA PCI card lying around. A visit to the closet of spare parts yielded an empty box, but a quick trip to all of the computers in the house with a flashlight shows that the middle machine in the server cluster downstairs; so.. confused as to why I put a SATA card in my NAT, I log into the NAT and shut it down.

Walk back into the garage, move the monitor to the machine which hasn't powered down yet... and see that it's not, in fact, the NAT. Strike two. Halt the correct machine and yank the card out; move it to the file server, attach the new drives, turn it on; and it won't boot. It seems that the PCI card gets ordered first -after- activating the boot device. Start working around that, and realize that only one drive is getting picked up by the PCI card. Let's go ahead and call that strike three.

Since the card is a SATA/150 card, and one of the connections seems to be out, I yank the card, put everything back the way it was; and give up.

None of the stores that I'd expect to be open tomorrow seem to carry SATA cards; so I'm going to have to order one... so I could have saved a couple of dollars by ordering the drives; and I'm not getting the instant gratification I was looking for when I drove down to Renton. Bah.
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