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So, it's been a while since I put anything in here, especially anything of substance.

I finally got around to starting in the 20/20 program at the pro club; which involves drinking some icky shakes (though tonight I found out that the chocolate shake mix with about 4oz water tastes almost like chocolate pudding) and eating regulated foods. My base lunch and dinner is 6oz lean or very lean meat; and 2oz non-starch vegetables. So, 6 medium slices of deli turkey and 20 baby carrots (last night's dinner). I can have things like chicken, turkey, lean beef (filet, sirloin, lean/extra lean ground beef), fish, shellfish; whatever. The past two weeks' weekday lunches have been 6oz salmon (and a shake), for example.

So that's going well. Officially I've lost 19.6 lbs (as of the 18th), but ~14.4 of that was solely from giving up soda (which I did about a week or two before officially starting, while I was stuck in scheduling limbo). This week is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 lbs, a reduction from the previous 5.2; but I've been being bad and getting about 400 calories per day fewer than my minimum recommended, on the grounds that I've just not been hungry enough to be able to eat. Since I am starting to get tired earlier in my workout sessions now I'm trying to get in those extra calories (my joke is that to make up for it I'll just go eat a nice 1000 calorie double cheeseburger at Wendy's). (This is where the pudding discovery comes in. My current theory is the 8oz water + 8oz ice just makes too much volume for me to be able to eat anything else if I have the shake... so I'm trying to find a balance of filling (which I think is good) and not filling (so I can get in the ones I'm skipping due to not being hungry)).

But, yeah. Didn't have an official weigh-in yesterday because I was white water rafting with a work morale trip. It was pretty fun, especially the part where I went overboard.

Speaking of 'fun'... I ran out (not completely, just this refill) of Lexapro (my anti-depressant) 9 days ago, and I never bothered to get it refilled. While I have noticed myself being a bit on the angry side, I haven't really been feeling depressed; but when I say I had fun yesterday I feel like I can actually mean it. I had the fun, not the Lexapro-induced stupor. And I quit taking Ambien (sleep aid) about 2.5 weeks ago. Reduced it to half after dropping soda, and then completely after starting to go to the gym.

My mail server finally started exhibiting enough unwanted symptoms that I pulled it upstairs for maintenance. Badblocks found a lot wrong with the hard drive, and then running it again found even more. Replacement hard drive has arrived and hopefully it will run for more than 5 minutes at a time without mysteriously halting (of course, it's been running for several hours now already; so it's definitely winning against the corrupt-drive). And I memtest86'd my Vista machine, which reduced itself to a BSOD-boot-loop (sometimes it would die at the BSOD and not complete the reboot). One of the sticks of RAM is completely shot, I need to RMA it. And Media Center seems to have issues now that I've pulled that stick, it hang-crashes if I try to open the Recorded Programs view.

Work's still work, still don't like it. And some asshole rear-ended my brand new car, taking it to the body shop in the morning to find out how badly I can screw him. And then I should probably give it its first oil change.

I think the next thing on the xyon 2.0 project is laser eye surgery; and then the operating version might have an acceptable number of deficiencies.
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