Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Coche nuevo!

Okay, for those who are half-but-not-entirely in the know; I -did- buy a new car.

Factual rundown:
* 2007 Mazda 3 (i Touring edition)
* Ice Blue exterior / biege interior
* Manual transmission
* Moon roof.

I also wanted fog lights (why not?) but didn't feel like paying the aftermarket fees on it.

There was only -one- manual Ice Blue i Touring in "the northwest region", and it had no moon roof; so they're putting in an aftermarket one, and I should get the car on Thursday.

I -am- aware that traditionally aftermarket sun/moon roofs suck/leak/whatever; but supposedly they're better now, and it has a lifetime warranty. Since I was at the lot last night past closing time, when we were leaving the manager showed me his Mazda Speed3 where he had the same aftermarket one put in, since it's not even an option in the speed series.

So, no pictures; because no car.

(For those who are keeping tabs, that's 2 new computers and 1 new car this year. I think I'm merched out now)
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