Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Birthday Etc

Turned 23 this past weekend. Went out to dinner with stardrop, then to wrexen's place for hanging out and games (until 6am). It was a fairly enjoyable time, and most certainly better than spending it "alone with [my] cat".

At work we're preparing for an office shuffle, the first since I joined in May of 2005 (compared to every couple of months for wrexen's division). The initial move map showed me staying where I was, and pretty far from having an officemate or from getting a window office; and tekman to stay in the office in which he was squatting (a window). Edits were made to the map and not distributed all the way down to the peon level (nor to all of the managers, it seems); and now I have an officemate... tekman. This was discovered after I preemptively arranged my office for a single (in a way that facilities wouldn't do it); so it's now in a "screw you, officemate" arrangement. Poor tekman. It should get resolved not too long after the move (if they can't manage to fix it before); but I'm amused enough that I bothered actually posting something.
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