Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Verizon FiOS

So, on Tuesday a tech from Verizon came out to hook up my FiOS service. (Today the contractor that was supposed to run the underground cable finally came to run it; so now Verizon will come back and remove the above ground cable).

Right now I'm getting 5/2, but paying for 15/2. I called and complained, they said they'd get back within 24 hours. That was 36 hours ago.

My OpenBSD machine couldn't get a DHCP lease. When I impersonated the MAC address of their router, I could. I may eventually just decide to use theirs even though I don't really like the web-administratable ones.

Verizon is blocking port 80. Not 443, though (or 8080). I can ssh, and I can receive mail (both have been verified at this point); but web isn't working as it should. I'm pretty sure that calling and complaining will be moot. I guess I just have to ask myself whether or not I can live with losing non-port-specified HTTP for (theoretically) better bandwidth and a slightly lower bill.
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