Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Oh, so the stuff in my last post wasn't extremely interesting. It is actually a subset of A062275; which is defined as such:

{(p1)^(p2)*(p2)^(p1)} where p1 and p2 are prime.

The set that includes primes comes from me thinking that one was prime, which put all prime numbers in it; this is why I used strikethrough to replace prime with non-composite (found the error of my ways before posting).

Though the amusing thing is I was coming up with a clever way to remember "800". I had decided that it was boring, then saw that it was 25 * 52 and then declared that to be interesting.

So yeah, nothing really special; and wrexen's quick search almost found the answer.

Also, is 0 non-composite? I know it's not-composite; but I don't know that it counts in non-composite.
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