Xyon (xyon) wrote,

So, after I was done reading, I turned off the light to go to sleep. After 30 seconds or so it got even darker; and I realized that there had been light outside my window (I have blackout shades). Since it could have been the house behind me, I decided to ignore it. After another minute or two, the light came on again; and since my back yard lights are on motion sensors, I got up and saw something moving at the edge of the lighted area, either a dog or a racoon.

I went outside, shined a flashlight over in that area, and only managed to see a shadow as it came running at me... Well, -toward- me, since it ran under the deck. I shined the light down in the deck, and a racoon scurried out and clambered up onto my fence, and started running along it. I heard some more scurrying, and another racoon came out from the same place, and also climbed up onto the fence. It seemed to have more trouble than the first did, though. Racoon #1 laid down where it was on the fence, and racoon #2 just decided to chill out on the post where it had climbed up. There are a few other pictures that I managed to get, but they didn't really turn out all that well, it being midnight and all.
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