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Today: Yardwork day

Last night was games at tekman and angel_grrl's place with [insert enumeration here]. After that, I decided I wasn't quite ready for bed, so I watched Pushing Tin (1999). It was pretty good. If you disagree, then perhaps I can blame it on the fact that I watched it from 2am to 4am.

So after waking up today, I decided that it was high time to do some stuff around the house... 2 of my 3 porchlights were burned out; the support wire on my fence had gone slack; my bushes were all over the place, and the yard hadn't been cut since I bought the place last July (or rather, since the previous owners cut it before I moved in).

So I was going to do some kind of narrative thing here; but instead, since I went and had an intermission to make dinner (and it's now ready) you get the short form: The bushes really needed to be trimmed, and they look much better now. The grass really needed to be cut, but I had to stop even though I wasn't quite finished.

So thanks to tekman for the use of his hedge trimmers, and my officemate for giving me his old lawnmower.

My arms hurt, no more work for me today.
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