Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Fun fun

So yesterday a reasonable set of us ducked out of work a bit early to catch a matinee showing of V for Vendetta (2005) (which was pretty awesome), and then most of us went to wrexen's for gaming (as described here).

After that, at about 11:00pm we finished the game, and started playing DDR. Most everyone else left, and it was just wrexen and I playing DDRExtreme2 dance master mode. I don't think we were doing too poorly, except for the Candy on standard that had the arrows coming top-down instead of bottom-up...

Walked out the door of wrexen's at 4:30am, and went through the standard "where is my car?" mental routine. About the time I had left the building and was now in the parking area, I remembered... "at work". I now know that even though I give him crap about living so close to work and driving, the walk does certainly take a long time.

And now that I've had a few hours sleep I get to go to an orthodontic appointment that's scheduled to have a 1.5 hour duration.
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