Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Amusing doc edits

So I'm updating a doc for work; and felt like sharing some amusing parts. Text in square brackets [] is where I edited something to put it on LJ. Text in angle brackets <> is actually text in the document, where I put it in as a placeholder.

<FILL THIS IN AFTER [someone figures out how the hell to do it]>
[Data] should be appended <TO SOMETHING>
During intall [something] must be selected [in some cases]. <WE DO SOMETHING WITH IT>
Load [stuff]. <VERIFY THAT THE NEW DATA IS THERE> and that any prior <THINGS> are still present.

The idea is that I fill them in before a doc review, but I see a bit of laziness in my future. After all, you should always leave one or two intentional things for any document review; so the reviewers can find something to complain about (otherwise they get too nit-picky, and/or feel that their time was wasted).

Also, if you happen to read this and are also someone who is responsible for reviewing this document; feel free to let these be all the things you complain about this time...
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