Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Online Poker

So it seems that 7 months ago I put some money in a PartyPoker account; because a couple of weeks ago I got an email telling me I was going to be hit with a $5 inactivity fee (6 months inactive). So while waiting for my parents to land at SeaTac I sat down with my $35 (big money, eh?) and left with a little over $100.

Today I sat down with $100 and lost a bunch; I think I got down to $25; then won up to $54.50. Decided that I was about done, but that I'd either get under 50 (floating bound was the intention) or get my 100 back. (So basically lose one more, or win my money back, right?). I free-folded one hand; then won $56 on the next one... AhQh gets lucky draws for the Ace high straight with rainbow board.

So rather than paying $75 for 45 minutes of playing, I made ~5-10 for 60 minutes of playing.

No one cares, but I felt like sharing.
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