Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Horrible waste of time

So I was playing Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on tuxnes; a random Linux NES emulator. I was trying to gain some levels because my particular Link sucked; started off at 4-5-5; got to 6-5-5 (at the cost of 5000 experience; and I have no idea how much time). I paused the game, came back about 5 minutes later; and hit ESC to unpause. The problem is that ESC is unconditional exit. I hadn't saved because I hadn't died.

So I started up again; got 4-5-6, died, saved. Got 7-5-6, and went off to somewhere harder so that I would die (but not by commiting suicide). Yeah, you see it coming, don't you? I hit ESC again. 10,000 experience down the drain. I suck. Would it have been so hard to do the annoying "Are you sure?" dialog? That's twice that it would have saved me.
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