Xyon (xyon) wrote,

What I want (for Christmas?)

I want a cable plan that has the following behaviour:

For d dollars per month; you can choose up to c channels that are unlocked to your residence. This list should be mutable; up to some granularity (at minimum on the billing period transitions). The c channels would likely not include premium channels; which are added at a cost of pi each. Also, for a cost of h dollars (or perhaps hi dollars) per month you can get the HDTV broadcasts, if available. If it's hi then it better be a sub-selectable list.

Why do I want this? Because I watch very little TV. I want Comedy Central (The Daily Show; plus a few others occasionally); and I dunno, Sci-Fi, Discovery, TLC, Fox?.

I could easily survive on the 10 channel plan; if such a thing existed. Especially if local channels (cable rebroadcasts of UHF/VHF transmissions) were included.

But the unit cost for adding Comedy Central right now is $30/mo; and sorry, Jon, it isn't worth it.
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