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Yay for orthodontics

So I had my monthly orthodontics appointment today (and a work holiday (who said Christmas?) party later tonight). Today started the process of correcting my mild underbite; so I now have rubber bands connecting my upper teeth to my lower teeth to encourage my jaw muscles to pull in my lower jaw.

So when the braces first got put on; that was real pain (well, for mouth pain). This is, by comparison, an annoyance; but it's really freaking annoying.

And because wrexen shared his state of having speakers with no receiver; I feel like sharing my state of having a receiver and no speakers or projector.
My parents wanted Christmabirthday suggestions; so I'm going to send them info on the speakers I want to buy; and whatever they don't get me I'll get right after New Years (including the projector).

Craziness. I thought that the radio station that I listened to most often was KKJR since they call themselves "Ninety-Five point Seven, KJR FM". According to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer it's just KJR. I've never heard of a radio station having a 3-letter call letter before.
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