Xyon (xyon) wrote,

New Years Resolutions: Q3 Update

Ha, looks like I beat wrexen this time.

1. Find a new job
2. Learn the meaning of, and embody, frugality.
Hmm, I bought a house, I think I fail here. But I've not bought a new computer just because I've had the money (I've thought about it and not done it). Since I only really spend my money on bills and food (and I don't eat at the Met every day) I think I can probably count this one as good enough.

1. Move to (metro) Seattle.
2. Meet or exceed 600 LJ posts
This is post 613. Check.
3. Do/learn something new
Skiing and flying were the 'ideal' entries here. I could be lame and throw work related stuff in; but that really violates the spirit of what I intended.
4. Go on a date
Right. So this is why I didn't write anything at Q2. Let's put it this way. I tried. I actually even bluntly asked someone out. I got shot down, but that's just how life goes. Maybe I'll try again and succeed in the next 3 months.

1. Get under 175lbs
208 on the scale right before starting this post. It's been back up to ~220, but hovering around 215; though it seems to be going slowly down again. Now's when I'll share that my real goal is 200; with 175 being a later one. I might actually hit the one I had hopes of hitting before the year end.
2. Drop another 6 inches off my pant size
I've done 2; and could -possibly- do another 2 now; but I'll hold off.
3. Suck it up and get braces
Check; got them on 3 weeks ago. 17 months remain until they're taken off.
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