Xyon (xyon) wrote,

-My- last meal request

So going on the infinite time theory:

I would like a side of beef, cooked medium/medium-rare. Bring it out to me 10 meat ounces at a time, so that it is always warm. In fact, call the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle to see how they cook it, since this is my last meal I want to make sure it was done right. A barrel of garlic mashed potatoes. I don't want them lumpy, and I don't want them runny. They shouldn't be drinkable through a straw, but I shouldn't really have to chew either. Come to think of it, call either my mom, or the Metropolitan Grill. Probably the latter, since you already have to call them, and my mom might not be in a state to share a recipe right now. Clam chowder. New England style. No! Not Pacific Northwest Style; they look the same, but I don't want it to taste sour. A barrel of that might do. You should bring a lot of oyster crackers, and a lot of peppercorns and a pepper grinder. No, more than that. No, more. Look, I have mashed potatoes and steak and clam chowder, I need a -lot- of peppercorns. Maybe fill a dump truck; okay, that's a bit excessive. Think of how much you might use, round it up to the nearest container size; and triple it. Someone's certain to use what I don't.

Lesse, dessert. Howabout cherries jubilee. Since I have so much for my entree; I don't think I'll need too much of this. Since you're getting a Met chef anyways, have them bring a standard serving of this with them. Oh, and 5 gallons of orange sorbet; you know, as a palette cleanser.

Oh, to drink.
I would like 15 margaritas. Use as manny different tequilas as possible. Label the brand of tequila that went into them so I can at least die knowing which one I like the best.
150 cans of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea (with Lemon); or alternatively Nestea Cool (Lemon Iced Tea). If Forrest Gump "musta drank about a hundred Dr Peppers" then I want 150. No, it's not a rediculous request, I have to eat an entire side of beef. I might want some water; filtered and chilled. Oh, and the cans of tea better be cold.

Oh, with my steak I'd like steamed Dungeness Crab. I don't know, equal by post-cooked weight with the steak; don't count exoskeleton or bone.

That's... hmm come to think of it, I'd like a small shrimp coctail appetizer, too. (Make sure the coctail sauce isn't overly horseradishy)
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