Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Update #3

What? 3 in one day? Yes. This one is 'real', though.

Friday night I played a really long game of Cities and Knights with wrexen, tekman, and angel_grrl. If we were tracking average time per turn per player I think that tekman would have been at least double the rest of us. But he did win, so maybe he was thinking really hard and it paid off. Hopefully wrexen doesn't think that the expansion takes too long to be worth playing, since when you're familiar with the game it goes by much quicker (it should theoretically take about the same amount of time as regular Settlers, which is why they raised the number of victory points it takes to win).

Saturday morning I went to the orthodontist to get my spacers taken out. I didn't really talk about them much on here, but they hurt. They hurt a lot. In fact, when I went to The Met last week I couldn't finish my steak because chewing hurt so much. Anyways, getting the spacers taken out was a relief, but they replaced them with bands. (Spacers: rubber bands between the teeth. Band: Metal band that is placed around one of the molars, and cemented on with a cement that they can remove later.) The bracket part (where the wire will run through) didn't really bother me yesterday, but today it's more painful. Hopefully the inside of my cheeks callus up soon so that the pokey part doesn't hurt. What I want to know is why the pokey part is there, and not rounded down. Maybe it's used in putting the band on and taking it off later. I get the brackets (things that the wires run through) in two weeks.

After going to the orthodontist I went to Fry's to buy a washer and dryer. I purchased the almost-cheapest (ooh, they just arrived). They don't really have a lot of features, but I got the pair for ~1000.

So while I was spending a lot of money I thought "hey, why not spend some more?" and then went to Ikea. I bought a "leather" (aka not) sofa for ~1000, but it's comfortable and doesn't look bad. It is a Laholm model, which may or may not be the same one that wrexen has. The couch was scheduled for 2pm-5pm and came at 3ish. The washer and dryer were scheduled for 2pm-6pm and came at 6pm.

Things remaining for the house:
* Entertainment equipment. I would prefer a ginormous screen projector with a nice audio setup, but may have to settle for a big screen TV due to space constraints. I need to do some research.
* New bedroom suite. Maybe some more Ikea furniture, maybe some real furniture. Either way it's a few paychecks away since the bed I have now works. Why get new stuff? For one, I have a twin bed in a large room, so there's a lot of unused room that just begs to be taken up by a larger bed. For two, what I have now isn't exactly what one would call a "set", and it was suggested to me that if I were somehow able to successfully enter the dating scene that my bed and dresser might make me seem less desirable.
* Curtains / drapes.
Tags: braces, house
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