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So my mom was in town this weekend. "Essentials" such as hand towels and trash cans were purchased. Also a dining room table. It's nothing overly nice, it was a Wal-Mart thing for $99. My feeling was simply "I'll get something cheap now, and something good later". Since dining sets seem to run for around $2k I don't think that the $99 will affect the total price much.

She wanted to meet some of my friends, probably to ensure that they're not hoodlums since she's a mom. So we did Settlers and The Met with angel_grrl and tekman; and Anthony's with loganb and Noor (who either doesn't have a LJ account it's not obvious who she is). There was also an introductory game of Settlers with angel_grrl and tekman.

On Saturday we drove out to Lost Lake, Kittitas County, Washington (I went there in May, but couldn't find it on any maps anywhere, but did find reference to it along with 5 or so other "Lost Lake", Washingtons). It turns out it is off of exit 62, I-90. It's pretty, you should go.

And in other news, my Cities & Knights (and 5-6) arrived last week.
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