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So.... I talked to my former landlord a week (or more... probably 2 weeks) ago, and he told me that they had transferred the gas account to the new tenants.

So when I received a bill today I was confused.

I called Vectren, and after the guy on the other end did a lot of digging, he found that what happened is the landlord called and did two things:
1) Set a fallback account -- if the gas account was ever cancelled it would fall back to them (or something like that)
2) Transferred the account from me -> the new tenants.

But the new tenants never paid the deposit to Vectren, and after two weeks the transfer order was silently cancelled.

Solution? I called and cancelled the account. If the new tenants lose their gas (gas hot water heater), that's their fault for not paying the deposit.

So now I need to call the landlord again and get them to
1) Give me my security deposit since he said he was going to do that when I talked to him yet I have yet to receive it
2) Give me the money for the gas bill that went from 2 weeks after I moved out (well, 3 after I moved out, 2 after Jay and Macie did) until now.

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