Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Soda Failure

So, Soda seems to have died. More specifically, the HDD seems to have died. More more specifically, the HDD that contained the CVS repository for the applications and also contained the non-backed up database died.

At first, we hoped that died meant "making weird noises but working enough to get data off"
(15:42:55) mge: I'll try to get / second
(15:42:59) mge: if it's doable
(16:23:08) mge: So...What's plan 'B'?
(16:23:23) xyon: how much of a plan B do we need?
(16:24:39) mge: The hard drive makes two loud clunks on power on, waits ~3 seconds, then makes 3 more loud clunks. Not detected by BIOS. Doing a soft reset doesn't have the drive clunk again, you have to power off and power back on. I can feel the drive spinning, but BIOS never sees it.
(16:25:05) mge: I have the HD in front of me now, I can mail it to you if you want to try to play around with it?
(16:27:12) xyon: I think that means that we owe people money and have no way of proving how much

So, if you can think of a (relatively, even) inexpensive way to get the database back off the HDD (it's the only thing that can't be easily recovered) please let me know.
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